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 logo flatGas for Pharmaceutical Use November 30 2017 
Lyon, France


Used as pneumatic energy but also involved in manufacturing processes, compressed air and, more broadly, pharmaceutical gases are the subject of increased attention, focused on the level of their quality and their potential impact on production.
A3P organizes the 30 November 2017 in its premises one day conferences during which we will take stock of the processes of production of these gases and their controls:

  • Understand standards, specifications and frequencies of controls according to uses,
  • Knowing the key points of an installation,
  • Manage the steps to qualify its installation,
  • Understand the manufacture of pharmaceutical gases and their on-site control.

Day A3P Gas for Pharmaceutical Use - Thursday 30 November 2017
A3P - 30 rue Pre Gaudry, LYON 69007

       THURSDAY 30 November


 Welcome of participants

  • Standards and standards applicable to the control of compressed air in pharmaceutical media
    P. BADOULES - UPS Consultants
  • Standards and standards applicable to the control of CO2 and nitrogen in a pharmaceutical environment
    P. BEYOU - SGS
  10h30 Coffee Break & Networking
  • Test of identification on receipt of batches of gas, how to answer this problem
  • Implementation of a quality management system to meet customer requirements on gas quality
    B. DECROIX - Air Liquide
  • Gas installer
    T. DOMENACH - Techsim


Breakfast cocktail
  • Experience feedback from an industrial user
    Speaker to be confirmed
  • Feedback on the vigilance points associated with plant design, maintenance, periodic qualification activities and routine monitoring of a compressed air & nitrogen network for a pharmaceutical production unit.
    C. PERQUIN - Teoxane

TABLE RONDE - Presentation / Questions & Answers

  • Implementation of a strategy for the qualification and monitoring of a network of nitrogen and compressed air in a pharmaceutical production unit
  16h00  End


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