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Address. Avenue d'Heppignies ZI, B6220 Fleurus, Belgium

The association A3P Belgium was created in February 2004

The committee of the Belgian branch is made up of people from the world pharmaceutical and biotechnology either as a manufacturer or as a service provider.

The A3P Belgium is organized as follows:

The Office

José Blairon - Chairman - Independent

Vincent Vandamme- Vice President - GSK Vaccines

Anne Dehaye- Secretary - zoetis

John Martin- Treasurer - ACC

Committee members

The officers and:

Arthur Aelgoet- Myrart

Anne Cassar- BiiON

Véronique Dengis- Lonza Verviers

Thierry Dufrasne- Baxter Braine

Didier Laeckmann- Assystem

Jean-François Pollet- Novadip

Christophe Poncelet- Sterinnov

The principles adopted early by the delegation and we strive to maintain are:

- Maintain a consistent and multidisciplinary group.
- Maintain a simple but effective structure.
- Constitute a dynamic group.
- Maintain a technical and non-commercial scientific approach.
- Remain permanently near the area of ​​clean and sterile.

5 Our core values ​​are:

- Forum = place to exchange experiences.
- Friendliness and friendship.
- expertise.
- Pharma and biopharma expertise.
- A network.

A3P Belgium organizestwice a year, the Forums, Accompanied by company visits, in which are discussed specific topics literally and sterile with the help of professional pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields.

These days are organized around a common theme dedicated to discussion topics impactful, innovative and of general interest.
National health authorities and academic circles are also involved in these discussions.

A3P Belgium, via the members of his committee, is available to help all its members to help them resolve any questions and / or problem they might submit.

You will find below the list of topics covered in our various forums organized since the early 2005

1.Aseptic filling: new concept and validationIsnes with the visit of Aseptic Technologies facilities.
2.Single use in pharmaceutical production: challenge for the futureHoegaarden with visiting installatioins ATMI.
3.The cleanliness of the cap to the integrity of the finished productAlken with visiting Helvoet Pharma facilities (Datwyler) ..
4.Lyophilization: general principles for the stability of pharmaceuticalsaéropole in Charleroi.
5.hygienic areas: Requirements (EU / US): decontamination and particle countingCatalent in Brussels.
6.Outsourcing: a partnership - the marriage of the durable bondSimon laboratories - SGS Wavre.
7.Aseptic connectors: guarantee sterilityGSK Biologicals in Wavre and Rixensart with visiting Wavre Nord site facilities.
8.The quality of raw materials to the finished productin Ophain.
9.Visual inspectionin Brussels with visiting Brussels Catalent facilities.
10.To clean or not clean: single use as a subject alternativeon the website Solvay in Brussels with visiting Artelis
11.The Sterilizing Filtration in the pharmaceutical processLessines with visiting Baxter Lessines facilities.
12.Biotechnological conversion: a challenge or a mythGenappe to visit with SGS laboratories in Wavre.
13.Transport and distribution: globalization, another challenge for the pharmaceutical industrySombreffe with visit GSK Biologicals distribution center in Isnes.
14.But where will the Pharmaceutical World?in Spa (2 days).
15.Sterility Assurance (part 1): Process Control and Risk ManagementLeuven with visiting Toxikon Europe.
16.Sterility Assurance (part 2): Components and product sterilization: methods and equipmentsOphain to visit with the BioPilot unit of UCB Pharma
17.Cell Therapy: a new challenge for the pharmaceutical industryVerviers with visiting laboratories Lonza Verviers
18.Management of Water in the Pharmaceutical Industry in Kain (Tournai)visit with the utilities of the plant GSK Vaccines Saint-Amand-les-Eaux (F)
19.Environment Monitoring and Control of Contamination: from floor to inspection readinessUccle (Brussels) with collaboration with UPIP-Vapi.
20.Product Ad Technology Transfer: how to successfully accomplish achieve itFeluy with visiting Cenexi laboratories in Braine l'Alleud.

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Commit to share
Transmit and progress together
Promoting innovation

The A3P Association is a major player in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.
Created in 1986, it contributes to the good development of the production of medicines and clean and sterile equipment, it runs a network of professionals 21 000, manufacturers and suppliers, as part of International Congress and technical days.

It now has over 1700 members who share their technical experience, scientific and regulatory.

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