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Such. : + 41 (0) 27 509 37 28

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Rue du Chable-Bet 41, 1920 CH-Martigny, Switzerland


A3P Switzerland is a subsidiary of A3P Association created in 2005. The association offers a special link with advanced knowledge exchange between experts. It includes members 200, 75 working in companies.

Its board is composed of manufacturers college and college suppliers.


Switzerland A3P Management Committee

Vincent Griffoul (Debiopharm)
Roger Holenstein (Ava Media GmbH)
Nathalie Parisot (Merck)
Fabrice Dumont d'Ayot (SPsolutions)

Industrial College
College Supplier
Industrial College
College Supplier
Members of the Industrial College Members of the college Supplier
François-Xavier Abellan (Ferring)
Bernard Anthoine (Merck)
Philippe Jaccard (Vifor Pharma)
Gilles Trimborn (UCB)
Gilbert Burkhalter (Burkhalter)
Bernard Dubois (MITC)
François Ravanas (Alpiq)
Luc-Alain Savoy (SGS M-Scan)
Arnaud Schmutz (Sourcin SA)


Our goals  
  • Promote technical innovations
  • Anticipating the needs of industry
  • Facilitate a network of professionals
  • Submit regulatory proposals for changes to the authorities
our tools  
  • Forums: conferences, exhibitions, site visit, a full day, around a hot topic
  • Techtimes: conferences late in the day, short format on a technical topic. Free for members.
  • communication media: website & The Wave, the professional journal of A3P
  • Groups Common Interests collaboration - ICG

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Commit to share
Transmit and progress together
Promoting innovation

The A3P Association is a major player in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.
Created in 1986, it contributes to the good development of the production of medicines and clean and sterile equipment, it runs a network of professionals 21 000, manufacturers and suppliers, as part of International Congress and technical days.

It now has over 1700 members who share their technical experience, scientific and regulatory.

More info on video (Versiongb - drapeauitalie )

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