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Practice Workbook - Treatment of results out of specification (OOS) (The Wave 29)

The treatment results out of specification (OOS) in microbiology he differs from OOS in physical chemistry?
No, even if it is more difficult to define an OOS result in Microbiology and if some peculiarities exist, the approach to deal with is very close. The few differences in the approach focuses on the re-analysis and / or sometimes impossible to re-check, the fact that a microbiological contamination from the work environment can not be excluded and for certain product analyzes finished as the sterility test, the procedure to follow to treat OOS result is precisely described in the Pharmacopoeia.


The autoclave in a water bath - entertaining Uchronie (and fictional) (The Wave 29)

Pasteurization, sterilization eponymous process heat, was one of the main contributions of Louis Pasteur to science, but the neologism "Pasteurism (1)" can also be applied to our twenty-first century.


Single-use systems for better carbon footprint (Wave 29)

The environmental impacts of the biopharmaceutical production are now taken very seriously by most laboratories. And single-use systems are clearly identified as contributing to reducing the carbon footprint and reduce purified water needs and chemicals.


Freeze Drying Technology for Bacteria and Enzymes (The Wave 29)

Freeze-drying or freeze-drying technology is the latest of dehydration for long-time preservation of enzymes, bacteria and --other biotechnological products. The dehydrated product being white is subject to preliminary freezing And Then processed at lower pressure than 1 mbar. The water Contained in the product and Transformed Into ice is removed from the Sublimated and condense. This process is Also Known As "dehydration by sublimation" or "freeze-drying".


Guest A3P - Counterfeits: global public health hazard (The Wave 29)

The Central Anti-Counterfeiting Laboratory (LCAC) from Sanofi-Aventis Group Tours examines suspected counterfeits from around the world.In recent years, the scourge knows a worrying diversification, amplification due to parallel trade and dissemination facilitated by the Internet.