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Practice Notebook - Modern design for reliable installation of secure production of purified water quality (Wave 28)

From decade to decade, water treatment technologies evolve to obtain reliably treated water, more and more purified, thus meeting the demands of the applicant monographs for these qualities increasingly high.


H2O2 cycle parametric acceptance for aseptic filling (The Wave 28)

We had the chance to be involved, from the 1994-1995 years in setting filling loop service insulin cartridges as insulators decontaminated H2O2 vaporized.


Guest A3P - Crisis, and market drugs ... (The Wave 28)

For this first issue of The New Wave formula, we gave the floor to Christian Lajoux, President of LEEM *. He returned to the place of France in the Drugs Constructions market. If the crisis situation that we are currently experiencing, changes the world economic and weakens companies, it also raises questions about the effectiveness of our research system and to devise sustainable solutions that will keep the French dynamism, particularly in terms of innovation and attractiveness in R & D.