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Practical Guide - Control of the quality of pharmaceutical gas (La Vague 51)

Feedback on the implementation of the Control of Pharmaceutical gas (Nitrogen and Compressed Air) on a site specializing Toulousain in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.


A New Rapid Microbiology Method based on Measuring Oxygen. Depletion: An Assay for Testing Surfaces of Equipment, Facilities, and Personnel in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Controlled Environments (The Wave 51)

The technologies available for the microbiological monitoring of products and manufacturing environments-have come a long way in the last FEW decades. Even though enumerating microbial cells by counting colonies on agar year filled Petri dish is still a common technology, a variety of more sophisticated and rapid methods are making Their way into the quality control microbiology laboratory. These Rapid Microbiological Methods (RMM) feat chemical and physical methods Developed to elucidate the structure of cell components and the functions of biomolecules. These methods are Then Applied to the detection, enumeration, and identification of microorganisms That May be present in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, water and samples --other Submitted to the quality control labs. THUS, the single view of a bacterial cell as a tiny living entity so small as to be invisible to the naked eye, and countable only by Either microscopy or culture, is changing to a much more complex picture encompassing The Most intimate details of the cell That biomolecules structure and the form it.


Enjoy the expansion of production capacity to set new standards in Process Automation (Wave 50)

The production site Octapharma SAS Lingolsheim (France) currently follows the dynamics of production capacity increase of Octapharma Group.


From Sensor to Server to validate, produce, control, release… Challenges in the development of data-driven process automation (La Vague N°50)

The purpose of this article is to highlight the increasingly widespread and elaborate use of computer resources for pharmaceutical production.


Practical Guide // Assessment of Information Systems (IS) Suppliers (La Vague N°50)

The latest regulatory texts highlight the crucial role of IT products and services suppliers in the regulatory compliance of information systems and the need for their preliminary and continuous assessment.