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From design to production Lessons learned from the engineering perspective.(La Vague N°50)

In May 2014 that Silab launches development study a free tray 700m2 located in the Center for Research ... a great challenge for the independent company founded by Jean Paufique 1984 in Brive la Gaillarde, France .


Expansion, revamping, and mutualisation of computerised control systems (La Vague N°50)

Cenexi-Laboratoires Thissen (CX-LT), based in Braine-L’Alleud in Belgium, is a pharmaceutical site specializing in contract manufacturing, development and production of highly active sterile injectable products (in vial, syringe, liquid, lyophilized forms…). The company has been renowned for more than 15 years for its know-how and expertise in the development and manufacture of formulations of lyophilized cytotoxic products for the oncology market.


SI of Management difficulties on a pharmaceutical website (Wave 50)

Although computer systems bring significant benefits (vision of the company, security, traceability, time savings, etc.), their management is not always plain sailing and must be taken into account throughout their lifetime.


BioCloud4.0 A comprehensive patient-centric IT solution of the new generation, designed for biotech organisms (Wave 50)

How an integrated IT solution will enable the biotech manufacturing units to DRASTICALLY Reduce the costs of Producing advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP). The health sector Sees the emergence of new generations of innovative therapies, qui Among promising Approaches are related to gene and cell therapies.


Validation Strategy of Viral Decontamination Methods, a quick overview (La Vague 49)

Even though much progress has occurred in terms of quality and compliance in the biopharmaceutical environment, the industry is still mired in vague definitions of "decontamination" very Often leading to amalgams with the action of "cleaning" and "disinfection". This confusion, PARTICULARLY in the bio-pharmaceutical realm of infectious antigens and PARTICULARLY viruses, leads to situations of non-technical mastery, and non-compliance Ultimately Increased risk of cross contamination entre products. All of qui stress the importance of clarity in biocontainment.