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Pharmaceutical industry: France less attractive than its neighbors

The attractiveness and accessibility of France for investments in health are short of some of its European neighbors, according to a study by Roland Berger unveiled Wednesday, which lists 110 proposals to remedy.


Cytotec, a drug diverted from its use, withdrawn from the market in 2018

Cytotec, a drug against stomach ulcer, diverted to trigger eventual deliveries at the risk of maternal and child health, will be withdrawn from the French market as of March 2018, Drug Agency.


Sanofi invests 170 million euros to expand a production site in Normandy

The pharmaceutical giant Sanofi will invest 170 million euros to expand its site in Val-de-Reuil (Eure), specializing in the production of vaccines, especially against the flu, he announced Thursday.


USA: FDA approves gene therapy for aggressive lymph nodes

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Wednesday approved the second worldwide gene therapy, Yescarta, to treat aggressive non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a tumor of the lymphatic system.


Pfizer plans to sell its non-prescription drug division

The US pharmaceutical company Pfizer on Tuesday announced plans to study several scenarios for the future of its over-the-counter medicines division, including its outright sale.


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