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Most new anti-cancer drugs have not proven effective

More than half of new cancer medicines marketed in the European Union between 2009 and 2013 have not demonstrated that they improve the survival or quality of life of patients, according to a study released on Thursday.


Vitry, a giant Sanofi site in the shape of a bet on the future

A former centenary chemical site converted at great expense in biotechnology in recent years, Sanofi's vast platform in Vitry-sur-Seine remains a bet on the future for the French pharmaceutical giant, depending in particular on the take-off of its activities in immuno -oncology.


Animal health: Boehringer Ingelheim brings together its teams in Lyon

The German group Boehringer Ingelheim on Monday inaugurated its new headquarters in Lyon, to become "the center of gravity of its veterinary activities in France", welcoming some of its teams still dispersed on the territory.


The sale of antibiotics to the unit makes it possible to reduce by 10% the volumes delivered (experimentation)

The sale of antibiotics to the unit reduces 10% volumes delivered to patients, while promoting better adherence to treatments, according to the results of an experiment commissioned by the Ministry of Health, AFP.


Sanofi and Lonza lay the foundation stone of their bioproduction plant in Switzerland

The French pharmaceutical company Sanofi and the Swiss group Lonza gave Friday the kick-off to the site of their future joint factory of biological drugs in Switzerland, to be operational by 2020.


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It now has over 1700 members who share their technical experience, scientific and regulatory.

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