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Erytech: positive clinical trial of a cancer, the action takes off

The Lyon biotech Erytech Pharma announced Monday "positive results" of a clinical trial phase IIb its flagship Graspa in the indication of metastatic pancreatic cancer, which caused a flight of title over 20% the Paris Bourse.


Denmark will transform biotechnology in waste gas

The Danish public energy company Dong Energy announced the construction of a plant to transform into biogas waste two industrial, Novozymes (biotechnology, enzymes) and Novo Nordisk (pharmaceuticals, insulin).


The biotech Genzyme, Sanofi safe haven

decline in activity diabetes, jolting debut of the new anti-cholesterol Praluent, opportunities missed acquisitions disappointments abound at Sanofi. But the French pharmaceutical giant has something to console themselves with its US subsidiary Genzyme, fueled at full speed.


Boston, World stronghold of biotechnology

Novartis Sanofi through Pfizer, the major players in the pharmaceutical industry flocked to Cambridge (northeastern US), across from Boston, where beats the heart of biotechnology applied to health, stimulated by medical and scientific breeding ground for excellence.


Cancer research partnership between Pierre Fabre and H-Immune

The pharmaceutical company Pierre Fabre and biotech H-Immune announced Tuesday it has entered into a strategic research partnership for immunotherapies development in the field of cancer.


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The A3P Association is a major player in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.
Created in 1986, it contributes to the good development of the production of medicines and clean and sterile equipment, it runs a network of professionals 21 000, manufacturers and suppliers, as part of International Congress and technical days.

It now has over 1700 members who share their technical experience, scientific and regulatory.

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