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Sanofi will limit its price increases in the US

The CEO of the pharmaceutical group Sanofi, Olivier Brandicourt, announced Tuesday the commitment of the laboratory limit the increase in its prices in the United States at a level less than or equal to inflation in health costs or 5,4% expected in 2017.

Mr Brandicourt said in a statement posted on the band's website, Sanofi undertook "an approach vis-à-vis transparency elements it takes into consideration in setting the price of its drugs" in making public the principles for the development of its prices in the United States.

These principles include a "comprehensive assessment of the value" of the drug, taking into account comparable therapeutic options available, and "affordability for patients."

Each player in the pharmaceutical chain has "a role to play in ensuring the sustainability of the system" and "our industry must participate in the long-term balance of resources," said Mr. Brandicourt.

"For this reason, the price increases that we practice in the United States are less than or equivalent to the independent standard inflation index of the cost of health care", based on national expenditure growth projection health, says the boss of Sanofi.

In 2017, this will limit the price increase Sanofi to "5,4%, regardless of the product in question," he said.

Sanofi added that given the size of its portfolio, it may have to decide "for good reason" increases above the benchmark. The band will release the information as that decision.

Sanofi is also committed to "disclose, starting today, the figures aggregate increases, gross and net, the price of (its) drugs in the United States," from 2016.

The group said that in 2016, for all of its portfolio in the US, the average increase of the list price was 4% over 2015, while net average prices were down 2,1%.

US President Donald Trump in March launched an offensive against the soaring prices of drugs in the United States, indicating that it was working on a new system with "competition in the pharmaceutical industry."

"The price will drop to the Americans," he had tweeted.

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