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Bertin Pharma wants to sell its pharmaceutical business and biotechs

Bertin Pharma, a subsidiary of Bertin Technologies specializes in services for pharmaceutical R & D, said Wednesday be entered into "exclusive negotiations" for the sale of its pharmaceutical service activities and biotech with two French companies specializing in the field.

Bertin Pharma, owned by the manufacturer of industrial plants CNIM, "entered into exclusive negotiations with Amatsigroup for the sale of its pharmaceutical development activities (...) and with the Oncodesign group for the sale of its pre-clinical and clinical studies performed on other sites, "she detailed in a statement.

Activities related to the provision of bioanalytical tools and reagents for biological defense and life sciences are for their maintained within Bertin Pharma, she still said, noting that the project could be 2017 finalized during the summer.

"With this proposed transfer of service activities in the pharma / biotech sector, CNIM group intends to focus on strategic priorities more in line with its core industrial business in the field of energy, environment, defense and security, "is he explained.

Bertin Pharma, located in the Ile-de-France region, Center and Aquitaine, employs 125 people and generates a turnover of 16 million.

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