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Animal health: Boehringer Ingelheim brings together its teams in Lyon

The German group Boehringer Ingelheim on Monday inaugurated its new headquarters in Lyon, to become "the center of gravity of its veterinary activities in France", welcoming some of its teams still dispersed on the territory.

About sixty people, mainly based in Reims and Paris, will join 2019 this state-of-the-art building 15.500 square meters, built in Gerland in the Lyon district dedicated to biotechnology, said France's president of health activities animal, Erick Lelouche.

These employees are those of the former French teams of the German group in veterinary medicine, a sector where it has changed dimension by recovering at the beginning of the year the specialized subsidiary of Sanofi, Merial, which was based in Lyon.

The opening of the new headquarters "brings together all our employees on a single site, exactly where it all began exactly 20 years ago with the creation of Merial," said Mr. Lelouche.

The building, with the latest environmental standards, flexible in its use and designed to promote the welfare of its employees, represented a total investment of about fifty million
of euros for the promoter Altarea Cogedim, said its leader Stéphane Theuriau.

The project was launched by Sanofi and confirmed by BI, which also took over the transfer of Gerland's R & D activities (260 employees) to the Porte des Alpes business park in the city
near Saint-Priest.

This is for BI to have a "global center of excellence", specializing in the prevention of animal diseases (antiparasitics, vaccines and treatment of chronic diseases), while Gerland's current facilities are "aging" , explained Mr. Lelouche.

This new equipment, which will require an investment of around 70 million, will be operational by June 2018.

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