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Pharmaceutical industry: France less attractive than its neighbors

The attractiveness and accessibility of France for investments in health are short of some of its European neighbors, according to a study by Roland Berger unveiled Wednesday, which lists 110 proposals to remedy.

This survey was conducted on behalf of the Leem (drug companies) using a documentary database supplemented by 63 interviews with laboratories, public bodies and experts in the pharmaceutical and taxation industry.

It highlights the "bad reputation of French labor law", "lack of visibility and regulatory stability", "cumbersomeness and (opacity) of taxation" and the complexity of national regulations compared with " Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Ireland.

"This document gives us a global vision of the sector," reacted to AFP Philippe Lamoureux, general manager of Leem, who sees it as an "industrial roadmap" and a basis for discussion with the government.

The study offers 110 measures inspired from other countries. These include the sanctioning of the research tax credit (CIR), the setting up of a "specialized Health / Pharma team" to attract post-Brexit investments, the reduction in corporate tax and period between the marketing authorization of a medicinal product and its actual marketing.

This period is on average 405 days in France against only 45 in Germany or 66 in Great Britain (336 and 363 for Italy and Spain), an important handicap to attract investors according to the director of Leem.

"If you want to build a factory for export, the first question that will be asked by the exporting country is: + Is the product on the national market?", Explains -he.

If the Leem considers that the first steps of President Emmanuel Macron "go in the right direction", especially those relating to work orders or corporate taxation, he judges more severely the Social Security Financing Bill (PLFSS) .

According to the professional organization, the pharmaceutical industry represents on average 15% of the health expenses refundable and contributes each year, in seven years, to about 50% (43% for the current PLFSS) Health Insurance.

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