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Sanofi launches a laboratory dedicated to e-health

The pharmaceutical group Sanofi inaugurated Monday in Gentilly (Val-de-Marne) 39Bis, its first laboratory dedicated to e-health, which is defined by the use of digital tools to improve the quality of care.

This space, which is part of the Sanofi Val de Bièvre Gentilly campus, aims to be a bridge between the French group's employees and its partners, through conferences, exhibitions and training to support the initiatives that will develop around the e-health or connected health.

The 39Bis will also offer personalized support lasting six months.

"We want to make this place a place of daring," enthused Isabelle Vitali, director of innovation at Sanofi France.

Sanofi focuses its research on five areas of development: the proper use of medicines, vaccination, the difficulty of diagnosing rare diseases, the role of the pharmacist and the diagnosis of skin infections.

Specifically, the company has, for example, co-developed with the accelerator Schoolab start-ups, a fun application to help doctors identify rare diseases through examples.

For the president of the French division of the group, Guillaume Leroy, the potential of e-health "is absolutely exceptional" and Sanofi wants to make "a strategic axis" of its development.

According to him, "we are only at the beginning" and digital technologies "will profoundly change the way of doing research".

Currently, the market would represent 2,2 3 billion euros per year according to the Interdepartmental Pole of Prospective and Anticipation of Economic Change (Pipame).

Six partners are currently associated with the Sanofi project: Altran, Cognizant, Dmd Santé, France eHealth Tech, Schoolab and Umanlife.

The first weeks of 39Bis will be mainly devoted to the future of pharmacy and "big data".

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