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Alexandre Mérieux appointed CEO of bioMérieux

The Board of Directors of the Group of In Vitro Diagnostic Tests on Friday approved the appointment of Alexandre Mérieux as President, in addition to his current role as General Manager, the company said in a statement.

Alexandre Mérieux takes over completely the reins of the company created in 1963 by his father, Alain Mérieux, who expressed his "deep pride".

"I am firmly committed to continuing the family commitment to make bioMérieux a flagship company in the field of clinical and industrial diagnostics, which every day proves its value and impact to patients and consumers," said Alexandre. Mérieux, general manager since 2014, quoted in the press release.

He will succeed Jean-Luc Bélingard, president of the Lyon company since 2010 and the departure of Alain Mérieux.

"This is a natural evolution as part of this great entrepreneurial and family adventure," commented Mr. Bélingard, who remains a director of bioMérieux and vice-president of Institut Mérieux, the family holding company holding, among others, the in vitro diagnostic company.

Alain Mérieux joined bioMérieux in 2005, first as head of the industrial microbiology unit, then as director of the microbiology unit, between 2011 and 2014.

bioMérieux is present in 150 countries through 42 subsidiaries and employs about 10.000 people. In 2016, its turnover amounted to 2,1 billion euros.

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