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Annex 15 / ASTM E2500: "Let's cross the bridge!"

Moderator A3P : Patrick HIBON DE FROHEN
facilitators:Stéphane BERTRAND - Lilly & Maëlle DESREUMAUX - Assystem

Billed as an alternative to traditional commissioning and qualification phases, the approach ASTM E2500 dream: saving time and money, refocusing and rationalization of quality on patient safety.
Encouraged by the prospects opened by Annex 15, more and more companies engage in this innovative way.
The objective of the workshop is to highlight the key points of effective implementation of this approach.
After a brief presentation of the text ASTM E2500, exchanges will be organized in gorupes work around concrete topics such as defining the need and design review, the partnership with suppliers, a pragmatic verification program ...

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