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banniere2017 2

   September 2017  
stopmicrobe maitrisecontamination MC09 Analyse du risque sur les étapes critiques de procédés stériles, aseptiques ou à contamination contrôlée 12 and 13 September Alain EUZEN PICTO telechargerPDF 01
process PROC10 Know how to decrypt the technical documents used to describe a system 14 September  Gauthier VITTECOQ PICTO telechargerPDF 01
stopmicrobe maitrisecontamination MC12 Autoclave et stérilisation humide 26 September Walid EL AZAB PICTO telechargerPDF 01
systemeinfo SI01 Cloud Computing et règlementation pharmaceutique 27 September Jean Louis Jouve PICTO telechargerPDF 01
process PROC07 Work in production insulator campaign 28 September Julien TRIQUET PICTO telechargerPDF 01
  October 2017  
BONNESPRATIQUESBPF BPF03 Quality Risk Management (ICH Q9) of aseptic processes 4 and 5 October Dominique SIERAKOWSKI PICTO telechargerPDF 01
process PROC11 Process Validation and Technology Transfer  10 October A. NONN and C. MICHAELI PICTO telechargerPDF 01
BONNESPRATIQUESBPF BPF07 Out of Stock - How to Prepare a Prevention Plan 11 October T. ZIMMER and JF DULIERE PICTO telechargerPDF 01
BONNESPRATIQUESBPF BPF08 Appropriate QRM to control patient risk - ICHQ9 12 October   Claire CHOPLIN PICTO telechargerPDF 01
stopmicrobe maitrisecontamination MC07 Elaboration d'un programme de bio-nettoyage en salles propres en environnement BPF 12 October Pierre Devaux PICTO telechargerPDF 01
systemeinfo SI05 Audit and solving the problems of "data integrity" to the quality control laboratory 18 October Jean-Louis Jouve PICTO telechargerPDF 01
systemeinfo SI02 Audit et inspection des systèmes informatisés : outils et méthodes 19 October Jean Louis Jouve PICTO telechargerPDF 01
BONNESPRATIQUESBPF BPF02 Aseptic Processes: simulation and sterile filtration 24 and 25 October Dominique SIERAKOWSKI PICTO telechargerPDF 01
qualification QUAL01 Qualification d'une boucle d'eau purifiée 26 October Eric PETAT and Samah RINGA PICTO telechargerPDF 01
  November 2017  
process PROC09 Maîtrise de la chaîne du froid 28 and 29 November Agnes FELIX PICAUT PICTO telechargerPDF 01
BONNESPRATIQUESBPF BPF09 Integrate QBD concepts ICHQ8, Q9, Q10 and Q11 30 November  Delphine BERNOUD PICTO telechargerPDF 01
  December 2017  
process PROC03 Lyophilization 3: Expertise and control of processes and quality 13 and 14 December Dominique SIERAKOWSKI PICTO telechargerPDF 01

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