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meissner logo

mapKuemmerling am 24-26,
55294 Bodenheim, Germany
phone+49 6135071691 252 XNUMX XNUMX
This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Brigitte DELAPLACE
search www.meissner.com

Design Expertise, Operational Excellence and Quality Pre-eminence are our foundations Meissner manufactures leading-edge membrane filters and One-Touch® Single Use Systems (SUS) for pharma and biopharma applications.

Focused on fluid management and technology innovation, R & D Meissner leveraged efforts to offer customers products That deliver advanced processing and fluid handling solutions. ourOne-Touch® portfolio SUS Was designed by engineers proficient in liquid handling applications, from media and buffers to fill and finish, and unit processing operations from development to production.

Meissner's manufacturing are Performed in ISO Class 7 cleanrooms. Meissner's material tracking and sophisticated state-of-the-art automated manufacturing processes Ensure consistency, full traceability, and The Highest product quality to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Technical services
Meissner Technical Services (MTS) ProvidesComplete laboratory testing, implementation expertise,and validation services to support our filtrationproducts and One-Touch SUS. our Experiencedstaff of engineers, scientists and is Microbiologistsdedicated to providing good customers with our solutionto maximize system efficiency, economics andsafety.

Major Products
Meissner manufactures filters with ratings from0.04 99 to microns microns to serve the full ranks ofmicrofiltration's applications with a full scale-upaccommodation.

  • For critical applications, Meissner offers PVDF,PES sterilized hydrophilic filters.
  • For gas filtration and aggressive solvents,Meissner offers PP, PVDF and PTFE absoluteratings.
  • For clarification, pre-filtration applications, weoffer PP microfiber, glass microfiber and depthfilters.
  • Flexible in design, the filter assembly UltraSnap®CONFIGURES UltraCap® HD high capacity capsulefilters ranging from 10 50 to inches into asingle-use filtration system. UltraSnap® filterassembly designs can be optimized toAccommodate processing requirements for flowspleen, throughput and retention ratings. Securingmultiple pre and final filters into a pre-assembled,single-use solution, the assembly UltraSnap®arrives ready for immediate use. for addedconvenience, the Entire filter assembly can bepre-sterilized.
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Meissner Filtration Products UltraSnap® Filter Assembly


Single Use Systems

  • Tepoflex® is the first slip agent-free PE Film quiReduced ict extractable / leachable profile, and aussiReduced the potential for product interference. WeSami used the movie to 50 ml bags to bags Several thousand Liter.
  • FluoroFlex®, is a new and unique multilayerPVDF movie to expand the implementation of SUSBeyond The Limits of Existing PE films, into areas Such As API.
  • The Meissner BioFlex® tubing assemblies, offerfully customized fluid transfer flexibility.SGT, Single Use Gauge Tee Provide a mountingplatform for a reusable pressure sensor goldtransducer, without Compromising sterility of the system.
  • BioLink ™ TModular overmolding the combinedbest attributes of conventional overmolding withthe flexibility and speed of processing Oftenassociated with traditional mechanicalconnections. It aussi offers enhanced processrobustness over conventional overmolding, whileFacilitating additional secure connectivity toprocessing steps, Such As filters.


pockets Flexfill Single-use gauge tee
FluoroFlex® Biocontainers  FlexFill® Biocontainer Transfer Assembly  SGT (single-use gauge t)
tepoflex 200l cart operator modular overmolding technology quadrum
TepoFlex® Biocontainers BioLink Technology ™ Modular overmolding QuaDrum® Containers

    logo 3cfrance

      mapIndustrial Zone, 18380, CHAPEL OF ANGILLON
      phone+33 (0)2 48 81 66 66
      emailSerge KRONENBERG
      search www.3c-france.com


    3C France is specialized in turnkey equipment and systems for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

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    logo 5m

      map65 rue Aristide Briand, 27400 Acquigny, France
      phone+33 (0)2 32 09 52 52
      emailGwenaëlle CLECH
      search www.5mpartner.com

    A range of adjustable and exclusively dedicated services:

    - To health industries: pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics industries and medical device manufacturers,

    - To their suppliers: raw materials (API, excipients and intermediates), primary and printed packaging materials, service providers (analysis, cleaning, metrology, security, transportation, sterilization, temporary agency...).

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    map30-36 avenue du 21 August 1944, 45270 Bellegarde- FRANCE
    phone +33 (0)2 38 90 41 01
    emailNicolas DELAS
    search http://www.acmpharma.com

    Serving the pharmaceutical companies, cosmetics, biotechnology and medical devices for over 20 years, ACM Pharma is involved in the development phases of your new products or production control. 

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      carte 317 Avenue Jean Jaurès, 69007 LYON - France
      phone +33 (0)4 82 31 41 39
      email Pascal GIRERD
      chercher www.agidens.be/fr

    Agidens (formerly Egemin) is an international company working in the Life Sciences for more than 25 years.

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    Airconsult logo

    map48 Rue Auguste Piccard, 6041 Gosselies - Belgium
    phone+32 71 25 40 30

    Air Consult Engineering SA Provides Engineering Services and GMP / Validation Consulting Services, in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare Sectors (or based on similar technologies):

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    Aktehom independent consulting company

    map 89 avenue du Marechal Joffre, 92000 Nanterre - France
    phone +33 (0)6 09 17 40 03
    emailMr. Christophe MEUNIER

    AKTEHOM is a independent consulting company which accompanies the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in mastery and compliance of products and processes with a focus on patient safety, quality and performance.

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    Logo AlfaLaval 2coul

      map97 Allée Alexandre Borodine, 69792 Saint Priest
      phone+33 (0)4 69 16 77 00

    Alfa Laval, world leader, provides specific equipment and provides comprehensive process solutions.

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    MasterControl logo apsalys

    map 12 rue Jean Racine, 33600 PESSAC - France
    phone +33 (0)5 56 10 47 73
    emailJean-Christophe GOURMANEL

    Apsalys is a consulting and integration company
    specialized in the field of Health(Hospitals, Clinics) and Life Sciences.(Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Medical Devices,health nutrition).

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    logo apsis

      carte PI of South Brittany - CP 29 56038 Vannes
      phone +33 (0)2 97 68 14 07
      emailSébastien THOREZ

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    Aptar logo

    map 22 Avenue of Nations,
    95944 ROISSY CDG Cedex - France

    phone +33 (0)1 48 63 56 56
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  • Aquafine

    Aquafine logo

      mapRamskamp 77 - 85, 25337-DE, Elmshorn, Germany
      phone+49 412 157 806 90
      emailChristian COLLET
      search www.aquafineuv.com

    For over 60 years Aquafine used successfully in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide.

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  • ASCO

    logo asco

    map 53 street Beauce, 28110 LUCE - France
    phone +33 (0)2 37 24 42 24
    emailAnthony Perret

    At ASCO, a business unit of Emerson, we understand the specific needsspecific for the pharmaceutical industry andbiotechnology.

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     cape cod logo

    addressDeacon Park, Moorgate Road,
    L33 7RX, Liverpool, United Kingdom

    such  44 (0) 560 3676916

    Associates of Cape Cod, Inc. (ACC) is a global biopharmaceutical company manufactures and sells That LAL reagents, software and instrumentation and aussi Provides a variety of LAL / endotoxin training workshops.

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    Logo Claim A6

      carte 204 Avenue du Maréchal June - 92100 Boulogne Billancourt
      phone +33 (0)1 41 10 53 00
      emailYannick VUILLAMY
      chercher www.bbraun.com

    "Your complete outsourcing partner."

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  • Baccinex


    address Rue de la Source 3, 2822 Courroux - SWITZERLAND
    such 00 41 32 420 76 40

    Baccinex is the preferential and highly reconnu one-stop Swiss partner (CMO) for contract manufacturing of sterile lyophilized and liquid dosage forms.

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    logo nactup 2015

    map Alexander Borodin went 97, 69800 Saint-Priest - France
    phone +33 (0)4 26 78 48 88
    emailRaphael LAVENIR

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      map 56, rue de la Croix de Pierre - 37540 Saint Cyr sur Loire, France
      phone+33 (0)6 85 10 55 54
      emailJean BENIGNO

    Becophar offers expert services, auditing, consultancy and training for the pharmaceutical industry.

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  • BiiON

    BiiON logo

    map Rue du Bosquet, 2A, 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
    phone +32 (0) 10 77 23 02
    emailAnne CASSART
    search http://www.biion.com

    SAPRISTIC within the group, the company BiiON is the center of Master controlled environments et expertise in automation.

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     biomerieux logo

     mapChemin de l'Orme, 69280 Marcy L'Etoile - France
      phone+33 (0)4 78 87 20 00
      email Ronan LE ROCH

    bioMérieux is a global leader in in vitro diagnostics sector for clinical and industrial applications. Present in more than 160 42 countries through subsidiaries, a network of distributors and production sites 19, bioMérieux designs, develops, produces and markets a wide range of reagents, instrumentation and software, coupled with a complementary range of products distribution.

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    LTO logo

    map302 - 304 street Garibaldi, 69007 LYON, France
    phone0805 101 674
    emailAntoine BABIN

    BIOPHARMA TECHNOLOGIES FRANCE is a French company dedicated to lyophilization, evaporation and chiral separation. It is unique in the French territory of present both a range of expert services, scientific training, machinery technology market leaders and service knowledge acquired from manufacturers.

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     small logo

    address153 Wharf Rancy, 94380 Bonneuil sur Marne- LA FRANCE
    such 00 33 1 43 78 73 76

    Ads for Bioquell is supplier and service by Air Track Surface Disinfection (AASD) by Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor (HPV).

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  • Boccard


      map158 Avenue Roger Salengro, 69100 VILLEURBANNE
      phone+33 (0)4 78 93 34 35
      emailFrederic Cheviron
      search www.boccard.com


    Our Process Solutions division specializes in the areas of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics. We have many references worldwide in projects with experts who can answer all your expectations.

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     burkert logo

    address BP 21 - Rue Giessen - TRIEMBACH AU VAL - France

    such +33 (0)3 88 58 91 18

    global specialist in the regulation of pharmaceutical industry in fluids, Bürkert is the only company in its industry to offer under its own brand provides a multi product consisting of valves, aseptic connectors, measuring instruments, pneumatic controls and automation station systems (healthy area and ATEX zone).

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    address 103 Rue Charles Michels,
          93206Saint Denis - FRANCE
    such 00 33 1 49 22 45 55



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    map10 street Balls, 63200 RIOM, France
    phone+ 33 3 73 33 72 40
    emailGildas LAVENANT

    CARBOGEN AMCIS SAS is a leading company in the manufacturing of sterile Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs) based on complex compounds. Established in Riom, we are part of CARBOGEN AMCIS Company. We offer a comprehensive range of services for the development and for contract manufacturing of sterile lyophilized and liquid dosage forms for New Molecular Entities (NMEs).

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    CarsoPharma 2 1

      map4 Avenue Jean Moulin, 69200 Venissieux
      phone +33 (0)4 72 76 16 16

    Analytical expertise for industry pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Analysispharmaceutical, cosmetic, medical devices, nutraceuticals, microbiological, dosage endotoxins, troubleshooting

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    cebiphar logo

    map1 reu Bodiniere, 37230 Fondettes, France
    phone +33 (0)2 47 42 48 48
    emailStephanie BURGER-PRIN
    search http://www.cebiphar.com

    your product development and control partner

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  • Cefochim

     logo CEFO

      carte Industrial Zoning of Seneffe - Zone C, Rue Charles Richet
    BE-7180 Seneffe - Belgium
      phone +32 476 82 29 16
      emailJeanne Marie BOUFFLETTE
      chercher www.cefochim.be

    The Cefochim is the special one Training Center for careers in the production and maintenance of chemical industries, (bio) pharmaceutical and biotechnology in Belgium.

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     cellon logo

    address16 Héierchen Street, L-4940 Bascharage

    such 00 35 2 26 33 73 1

    Cellon SA provides equipment, consumables and services to the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology companies.

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     CETIAT logo

        map 25 avenue des Arts, 69100 Villeurbanne
        phone +33 (0)4 72 44 49 00
        emailSaban KAPLAN & Stéphane BRAT
        search http://metrologie.cetiat.fr/

    Established in 1960 the
     CETIAT (CEnter Aerodynamic and Thermal Industries Technique) participates in theinnovation industries.

    charles river logo emd

    address 9 Allée Moulin Berger,
    69130 Ecully - FRANCE
    such 00 800 15 78 97 43

    The Endotoxin and Microbial Detection division From Charles River provides a range of solutions for your QC testing. A complete line of fast systems, Endosafe®-PTS ™ (portable), Endosafe®-MCS ™ (Multiple) and our new Endosafe®-Nexus ™ system (robot for multi-cartridge system) for test results reliable, accurate endotoxin with LAL cartridges under FDA license, all in less than 15 minutes.

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  • CMI - Cleanroom Management International


    Cleanroom Management International

    address LA FRANCE
    such +33 2 54 95 70 95
    address BELGIUM
     such+32 2 531 11 21
    CMI preferred partner for your controls:
    Validation of clean rooms, equipment qualification, calibration laboratory and on-site

    logo CONFARMA

    map ZI Canal Street of Alsace 68490 Hombourg
    phone +33 (0) 389 83 37 20

    Whether you are in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical or cosmetic industry, we deliver the first results with expert interpretation for all your biological analyzes.

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     cophaclean logo

      carte2 Avenue Alexandre Minkowski, 37170 Chambray-Lès-Tours - France
      phone + 33 02 47 80 48 79
      emailPatrick LEMAIRE
      chercher www.cophaclean.fr


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  • Darron


    map35 Avenue Geneva74000 Annecy, France
    phone +33 (0)4 50 69 59 91
    email info@darron.fr
    search http://www.darron.fr

    Machines and production equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.

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    CMYK logo Isoclean

      mapGeneral Patton Street, 2984 Contern, Luxembourg
      phone+352 3666 5210
      emailAriane Biberian
      search www.tyvek.fr


    Since 1802, DuPont brings to world markets for products, materials and services to the scientific knowledge and its senior engineering.

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    address3 rue du Rhin, 68330 Huningue - FRANCE
    such 00 33 825 888 001

    Endress + Hauser is a global supplier of measurement technology and automation, with a wide range of products for the detection and measurement of level, flow, pressure, temperature, physico-chemical analysis, recorders, digital communications and comprehensive service.


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    map 395 rue Louis Lépine, 34000 Montpellier - FRANCE
    phone 00 33 4 67 22 40 95
    emailPatrice PRE:patrice.pre@entegris.com
    search http://www.ecp-entegris.com

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     address4 Honeysuckle Street, 60100 Creil - FRANCE
     such +33 (0)3 44 31 05 38

    ERMAFLUX The company specializes in the study, implementation, installation and qualification of Aerodynamic pecific equipment for industrial processes in ultra-clean environments such as the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, research and development, cosmetic , optical ...

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    er2i logo hd

      mapRue Aristide Berges 565, 38330 Montbonnot Saint Martin, France
      phone+33 (0)4 76 98 31 82
      emailAnaïs Vercin


    ER2i engineering is both an engineering and a general contractor. We specialize in the environments and buildings dedicated to high technology. Recognized as a major player in the design and construction, our company is composed of 40 people and based in Grenoble, Paris and Tunis, and operates nationally and internationally.

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     eurofins biopharma product testing

    address9 BC. Lapland, 91978 Courtaboeuf - FRANCE
    such +33 (0)1 69 10 88 88

    Eurofins Product Testing Biopharma is a member of the Eurofins Group, leader in the field of analysis for the pharmacy, the environment and the food with almost 200 laboratories worldwide.

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    faure QEI

    map 27, blvd des Alpes, 38240 MEYLAN - France
    phone +33 (0)4 76 92 81 00
    emailEric CHEVREAU
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      map13 21000 street Pauline Kergomard Dijon, France
      phone+33 (0)3 80 52 32 05
      emailBenoit PERSIN
      search www.filab.fr


    FILAB is a chemical laboratory, expertise, analytical development and applied research.

    We are a competent independent private laboratory in the fields of organic chemistry, inorganic andcharacterization of materials.

    Created in 1979, the laboratory10 years FILAB known for a strong and continuous growth.

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     Getinge Logo hz CMYK

    address7 avenue of Canada CS20049,
    91978 Courtaboeuf-Les-Ulis - FRANCE

    such +33 (0)1 64 86 89 00

    Getinge is a global provider of innovative solutions for operating theaters,Intensive care units,Sterilization services,And for those involved in the life sciences.

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    logo give and tech

    mapRue Belharra 161, 64500 Saint Jean de Luz, France
    phone+33 (0)5 59 47 98 15
    emailChristophe IDIARTEGARAY
    search http://www.giveandtech.com

    GIVE & TECH distributes equipment and service partners with players in the pharmaceutical industry in France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and Francophone Africa.


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    grosseron2 logo jpeg

    map 4 Street of Entrepreneurs, 44220 Coueron - France
    phone +33 (0)2 40 92 07 09
    emailMr Ludovic MORCEL

    GROSSERON, a family business with strong values ​​and international ambitions, occupies a major place in the distribution of equipment, consumables, reagents and laboratory furniture.

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      mapMesseplatz, 4005 BASEL - Switzerland
      phone +41 58 206 23 70
      emailMichael Bonenberger


    ILMAC LAUSANNE: first for French-speaking Switzerland

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     ima pharma

    address77-79 Avenue Victor Hugo, 92500Rueil-Malmaison - FRANCE
    such 00 33 1 41 39 98 00

    IMA PHARMA is a world leader in the design and manufacture of automatic machinery for the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical products thanks to a high technological profile and the Ability to offer tailor-made solutions to Satisfy The Most sophisticated requests of the market.

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      carte 102 avenue des Champs-Elysees, 75008 PARIS - France
      phone +33 (01) 47 08 41 28
      emailLudovic MATHIEU
      chercher www.inaltum-consulting.com

    The pharmaceutical industry innovates, and every year we innovate with it.

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  • INITIAL cleanrooms


      map4 - 6 place Marcel Rebuffat, 91140 VILLEJUST
      phone+33 (0)1 69 31 76 80
      emailPhilippe Gausset
      search www.initial-cleanrooms.com


    General activity of the Group

    Group subsidiary RENTOKIL INITIAL, a global leader in business services, Rentokil Initial is one of Europe's leading specialist in French and workwear rental services and maintenance of PPE, wear clean room, d 'sanitary hygiene equipment, floor protection mat and linen catering and accommodation, rremodeling work gloves, work shoes maintenance and waste collection of infectious medical activities, activity in Ultra-Clean (Initial-Cleanrooms).

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    Interscience logo 150x80pxl

      carte 30 Chemin du Bois des Arpents,
    78860 Saint Name La Breteche
      phone +33 (0)1 34 62 62 61
      email Nicolas GUILLOT
      chercher www.interscience.com

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    Intertek Logo BLK Strap BLK YELL Dot RGB

    map Ecoparc 2, 27400 Heudebouville, France
    phone +33 (0)2 32 09 36 20
    emailOlivier JEAN

    Intertek is a service provider leader in total quality assurance for industries worldwide. Our network of over 1000 laboratories and offices and over 40.000 people in more than 100 country, provides innovative solutions and tailor insurance, audit and consulting, testing, inspection, training and certification for operations and supply chains of our customers.

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    IONISOS logo

      mapDombes park Class A Activities, 176 Route Balan
    01120 Dagneux, France
      phone+33 (0)4 78 06 35 08


    IONISOS : Service provider inionizing radiation and ethylene oxideTreatment with radiation offerstwo application areas: Sterilization andthe crosslinking treatment of view polymersor grafting.

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    JBT logo

       addressZA Grain, 39360 MOLINGES-FRANCE
       such +33 (0)3 84 41 42 00

    With over 50 years experience in the field of technical plastic parts in the Pharma and Medical field, the JBT Group can help you gain a strategic advantage in developing your projects confidential:

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     jce biotechnology

    addressBioparc Vichy Hauterive - Avenue of Saint-Yorre,
    03270 Hauterive - FRANCE

    such +33 (0)4 70 59 51 40

    With over 15 years of experience in the design, manufacture and maintenance of custom insulators and customized solutions isotechnie, placing flexibility and technological innovation at the heart of its corporate policy, JCE BIOTECHNOLOGY offers a wide range insulators, generators for surface sterilization and secure transfer systems. 

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    addressPavé du Moulin, 59260 Hellemmes Lille - FRANCE
    such +33 (0)3 20 67 67 67

    Our business: the fight against microbes through the design, production and marketing of antimicrobial processes in respect of man and environment.

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    laporte logo

    map14 street Briord,44000 Nantes, France
    phone 00 33 2 40 75 26 68

    LAPORTE EURO is the European subsidiary of Laporte & Associés (Laporte), a Canadian company over 310 employees specialized in pharmaceutical engineering, biotechnology, food and industrial.

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  • LEONHARD WEISS Fussbodentechnik GmbH & Co. KG

    leonhard logo weiss

    mapLeonhard Weiss Strasse 48,
    73037 Göppingen, Germany
    phone+49 71616021221
    emailAndreas Schweizer
    search http://www.lw-fussbodentechnik.de

    Leonard Weiss, your partner for clean rooms. Founded in 1985, the autonomous subsidiary of the LEONHARD WEISS Group can Reflect on over 25 years of practical experience in cleanroom floor technology.


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  • LIGHTHOUSE Instruments LLC

    lighthouse logo

    map Science Park, 408 XH Amsterdam - NETHERLANDS
    phone + 1 (434) 293-3081

    LIGHTHOUSE Is the leading manufacturer and supplier of optical, non-destructive headspace analysis systems and provider of measurement services for applications specific to the pharmaceutical industry. 

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    addressLonza Verviers SPRL
    Industrial Park Petit-Rechain, 4800 Verviers - BELGIUM
    such +33 8732 1611

    About Lonza Lonza is one of the world's leading and Most Trusted suppliers to the pharmaceutical, biotech and specialty ingredients market. We harness science and technology to create products That medium safer and Healthier living and That Enhance the overall quality of life.

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      map43 - 45 rue André Boulle, 41000 BLOIS
      phone+33 (0)2 54 46 59 16
      emailMuriel ROCHETTE
      search www.lucisbio.com


    LUCISBIO® is a French manufacturer of lamps and lighting systems to LED.

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  • M + W Group



      carte 320 Avenue Archimedes The Pleiades Bat III C
               13857 AIX EN PROVENCE
      phone + 33 07 78 48 74 61
      emailMalika BOUDEGHDEGH
      chercher www.mwgroup.net

    M + W Group is a leader in engineering and high-tech building construction for the industries of life sciences (pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic), the semiconductor and nanotechnology and nuclear energy.

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  • Merck Millipore

    New logo 


    map Millipore SAS
    39, Route industrielle de la Hardt

    phone 00 33 1 85 14 81 89

     Merck: A Leader in Life Science.
    Our purpose is to solve the toughest problems in life science by collaborating with the global scientific community - and through that, we aim to accelerate access to better health for people everywhere.

    Mettler toledo logo

    address30 bd de Douaumont, 75017 Paris - FRANCE
    such 00 33 1 47 37 06 00

    Mettler-Toledo Process Analytics specializes in physical and chemical measurements for industrial processes; the latter include measures: pH, ORP, O2 and dissolved gases COdissolved, O3dissolved, conductivity / resistivity, turbidity, temperature, TOC, microbial load, silica and sodium.


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     novabiomedical logo

      carte 3 Canada Avenue, Technopolis Park, Building Sigma
    91940 Les Ulis
      phone +33 (0)1 64 86 11 74
      emailCosette DEYIRMENDJIAN
      chercher www.novabio.us/fr/

    Nova Biomedical® is a technology company based in Waltham, Massachusetts, which develops advanced cell culture devices for the biopharmaceutical market.

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    address2537, Guenette Street 
    H4R 2E9,Saint-Laurent (Montreal) - CANADA

    such 00 1 514 668 2835

    Novatek International is a provider of the Nova-LIMS result; 21 11 CFR Part compliant software quality solutions That cater to the pharmaceutical / biotech industry.

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     optima pharma

       addressOtto Hahn Strasse 1, 74523 Schwäbisch Hall
       such +33 (0)3 20 63 06 48

    In the strictest pharmaceutical requirements Optima Pharma develops and produces filling technologies, and closing process for pharmaceuticals.

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    oxopharma 2

    map40 Georges Pompidou avenue,
    69003 Lyon, France
    phone+33 (0)4 78 95 03 56
    emailPhilippe GUYARD
    search www.oxo-group.com

    Oxo pharma, Altran Center for World ClassJune 2015 is an international consulting firm.

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    mapRue Marcel Paul 917, 94500 Champigny / Marne, France
    phone+33 (0)1 48 82 58 29
    emailChristian JOUBERT

    Manufacturer of a Bio-disinfection process of
    Surfaces Airways.

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    address3 street Gaudines BP90234, 78102 St Germain en Laye Cedex

    such 00 33 1 30 61 32 29


    Pall Corporation develops solutions to the most diverse problems and complex filtration, separation, purification and contamination control for its customers worldwide.

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    PAMAS logo

    map210 / 136 of Carver Road,
    40170 Saint Julien en Born, France
    phone+33 (0)6 25 33 20 41

    The counters PAMAS and Dimensioncount with accuracy and reproducibility,All the particles in the liquidpharmaceutical solutions such asand parenteral infusions, suspensionspharmaceutical, and intravenous fluidsOphthalmic.

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    pms logo

    map30 rue Jean Rostand, 91893 Orsay, France
    phone+33 (0)1 60 10 32 96
    emailBernard BILLAT
    search http://www.pmeasuring.com/fr

    Particle Measuring Systems Inc. (PMS), a subsidiary of Spectris Plc is the world leader in contamination control.


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  • Pharmadec

    Pharmadec 2015 cartridge

    map 3, rue Copernic, 41260 La Chaussee St Victor - FRANCE
    phone33 + (0)2 54 74 99 02 / 33 + (0) 6 71 00 34 43
    emailMarie-Françoise TAYEB:in / mf.tayeb@groupeidec.com 

    search http://www.pharmadec.com

    Pharmadec is a consulting, engineering and construction for industries: pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biotechnology and health.

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    logo pharmadis

    map 19 Street Ticks, 63118 CEBAZAT - France
    phone +33 (0)4 73 25 26 10
    emailMarc LOUIS

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     Fabre OPHRDC stone

    map3 BC. Hubert Curien, BP13562, 31035 Cedex1 Toulouse, FRANCE
    phone +33 (0)5 34 50 66 00
    emailChristopher & COMPANIONemailAlexander BASTIT
    search www.pierre-fabre.com/cdmo

    The manufacturing injectable products is a major focus of the offer OPHRDC Pierre Fabre.
    Since 1991 on its plant in Pau, Pierre Fabre manufactures injectable way for the world market (EU - USA - Japan-Brazil ....), using aseptic processing or terminal sterilization.

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  • PX'Therapeutics

    px therapeutics

    map7 parvis Louis Néel - CS 20050,
    38040 Grenoble, France
    phone+33 (0)4 38 02 36 50
    emailDelphine BOULANGER
    search www.px-therapeutics.com

    PX'Therapeutics is a French Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization Offering services dedicated to the development and biomanufacturing of recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies Including.

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  • Rapid Micro Biosystems, Inc.

    logo rapidmicrobiosystems

    map1001 Pawtucket Blvd West, Suite 280,
    01854 Lowell, MA, FUnited States
    phone+ 1 978-349-3200
    emailSylvie KNEES

    Rapid Micro Biosystems Delivers the Growth Direct ™ System, an automated, non-destructive detection and enumeration rapid technology based on the Compendial method for microbial quality control in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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  • rommelag AG

     ROMM ENG RGB Logo green blue [1]

    map Fabrikweg 16, 5033 Buchs - SWITZERLAND
    phone + 41 62 834 55 55
    email tanja.frey@rommelag.com
    search www.rommelag.com

    World leader manufacturers and suppliers of machinery "Blow-Fill-Seal" for the sterile packaging of pharmaceutical liquids and creams for cosmetics.

    The bottelpack® aseptic machines ensure the manufacture of flexible containers, the filling and saddling in a single operation; guaranteeing optimum protection of the sterile product.

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  • Sartorius Stedim FRANCE

    Sartorius Stedim Biotech 

    addressZI Les Paluds Avenue Jouques CS71058,
    13781 Aubagne Cedex - FRANCE

    such 00 33 4 42 84 56 00

    Sartorius Stedim Biotech is a leading international provider of products and services to the biopharmaceutical industry, for the development and manufacture of pharmaceuticals safely and efficiently.

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  • schülke France

    Schuelke logo

    map22 Terrace Bellini, 92806 Puteaux, France
    phone+33 (0)1 42 91 42 42
    emailIsabelle VALADE
    search www.schuelke.fr

    For over 125 years, hygiene is the heartSchülke activity.

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    address4 rue du Commandant d'Estienne d'Orves, 92390Villeneuve-la-Garenne - FRANCE
    such +33 (0)1 41 06 95 91

    SGS Life Science Services, a member of the SGS Group, the world's leading inspection, verification, analysis and certification for many industries, is particularly specialized in the field of clinical trials phase I-IV (PCBs ) and analytical development (GLP / GMP) including, bioanalysis, viral safety, cell characterization and quality control for raw materials, developing products and finished products of chemical or biological natures.

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    addressBinningerstrasse 116, 4123 Allschwil - SWITZERLAND
    such 00 41 614 854 444

    Founded in 1968, SKAN is now one of the pioneers in the fields of activity such as machinery and equipment for the field of ultra-cleanliness and containment, study and manufacturing insulators for chemical and pharmaceutical industries. 

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      carte Republic Avenue 23, 69200 VENISSIEUX - France
               21, Pasteur Street - ZA de Ragon, 44119 TREILLIERES - France
      phone + 33 02 51 77 04 81
      emailChristophe LEXTRAIT
      chercher www.sofise-filtration.com

    Sofise - FILTER SOLUTIONS SERVICES offers its expertise in the various fields of industrial filtration.

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     address Murtenstrasse 116 - 18 POBox
    3202 Frauenkappelen - SWITZERLAND

    such 00 41 31 750 50 10

    Our range of services includes all stages of an investment project, the planning process up to industrial scale.

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    spectrumlabs logo

     addressHoeksteen 13, 4815 PR, BREDA
     such +33 (0)6 80 99 41 58

    SPECTRUMLABS.com is a global leader in membrane separations technologies for the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biotechnology. KrosFlo® mark process SPECTRUMLABS filtration products comprise filters disposable hollow fiber used in microfiltration applications flow, ultrafiltration and tangential infusion.

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    addressParc Saint Christophe - Pole Edison 3,95861Cergy Pontoise - FRANCE
    such 00 33 1 34 22 53 99

    Subsidiary of SPIE, SPIE Services Life Sciencesoffers expert services specifically designed for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

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    map2 rue André Citroen,95130 FranconvilleLA FRANCE
    phone + 33 1 34 44 23 23

    For over 30 years, STERIGENE designs, manufactures and qualifies integrated solutions in process equipment, technical services and clean room consumables in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics sectors.

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     STERIS logo ast

      map Moray Road, Elgin Industrial Estate,
    SN2 8XS Swindon, United Kingdom
      phone +44 179 360 1027
      emailKatie PAY
      search www.steris-ast.com

    STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies (AST STERIS) Operates as a global beg of sterilization, specialist applications and contamination control solutions supplier providing our Customers with a network of over 50 contract sterilization and laboratory facilities worldwide.

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     STERIS Life Sciences

     address8 rue de l'Abbé Rastignac,
    45400 La Chapelle Saint Mesmin - FRANCE
     such +33 (0)2 38 84 85 40

    STERIS is a world leader in the prevention of contamination, cleaning of manufacturing equipment and sterilization in the field of pharmaceutical production.

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  • SWAN


    addressZa Bièvre Dauphine - 57 rue du Grand Champ
    38140 Apprieu - FRANCE

    such 00 33 4 76 06 56 90

    For compendiales waters SWAN offers its TOC meter (total organic carbon measurement) with a system of reliable measurement, simple and inexpensive: a differential conductivity measurement after a carbon mineralization produced by the energy of UV. This device is certified to meet the requirements IQ, PQ, OQ.
    (Installation Qualification, Qualification Procedure,qualification process).

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    c logo system bioprocess industry

    mapZI Wood Lot - Alley Chamille,
    26130 Saint Paul Trois Chateaux, France
    phone+33 (0)4 75 54 86 00
    emailSébastien Aubaret
    search www.system-c-industrie.com

    Our company offers screening systemsaverage flow rate, fermenters and the cytoculteursmicrovolume to several thousand liters dedicatedthe fermentation or cell culture.

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    mapThe 12 Defense 92973 Paris La Défense, France
    phone+33 (0)1 47 78 54 06
    emailCécile JOLIBOIS
    search www.technip.com

    Engineering services from concept to completion and qualification of pharmaceutical production in project management and turnkey services.

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  • TECH

    Tech Talk logo

      mapWoodstock Park, Cedar 3, 97 Driveway Alexandre Borodine,
    69800 Saint Priest
      phone +33 (0)4 78 67 35 40
      emailDenis LEBRE
      search www.technipharm.fr


    Engineering clean and sterile processes.

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    logo telstar

    map5, Manouchian group of street, La France
    phone +33 (0)1 30 13 18 70
    emailEric LHOMMEAU
    search http://www.telstar-lifesciences.com


     logo thermo fisher scientific

    address6 road Paisy, 69570 Dardilly - FRANCE
    such +33 (0)4 72 52 33 70

    Microbiology division of Thermo Fisher Scientific develops and manufactures culture media and microbiological diagnostic tests for quality control in the pharmaceutical industry.

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    logo tsi

      mapTechnological hotel BP 100, Technopole of Château-Gombert
    13382 Marseille, France
      phone+33 (0)1 41 19 21 99
      emailCommercial contact
      search www.tsi.com


    International leader in measurement technology for over 50 years, TSI Incorporated (www.tsi.com) designs and manufactures precision instruments used for contamination control, respirators fit testing, exposure monitoring, indoor air quality, ventilation testing, aerosol research instruments, and other key parameters in the environment.

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      carte 35 Street in Rome, 75008 PARIS - France
      phone + 33 06 72 10 61 97
      emailFrédéric LEFEBVRE
      chercher www.tunnellconsulting.com

    Tunnell Consulting has-been solving complex technical problems and for cGMP vaccine, pharmaceutical and biotech companies since our inception over 50 years ago, and we-have-been focusing Solely on the life sciences industry since 2000. Few other consulting firms can make Such a claim.

    Read more ...


      carte 34 Avenue 21 1944 August, 45270 BELLEGARDE - France
      phone + 33 02 38 90 93 26
      emailNicolas DELAS
      chercher www.ups-consultants.com

    UPS Consultants developing for over 20 years and response capabilities for training missions, consulting, audit and technical assistance to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medical device manufacturers, leading industries.

    Read more ...
  • Validapro EUROPE

    logo Validapro

    map240 rue Jean Bart Agora 4, 31670 Labege, France
    phone+33 (0)5 61 00 13 13
    emailSophie MICHEL
    search http://validapro.com/

    Validapro is a services company for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device.


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     vai logo pantone200

      mapLee Boulevard 15, 19355 Malvern - Pennsylvania, USA
      phone 610-644-8335
      emailMoira O'MALLEY
      search www.sterile.com

    VAI's manufacturing and testing operations mirror current GMP and GLP standards.
    We offer a comprehensive line of disinfectants, sporicidal, residue removers, detergents / cleaners and quality process water.

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     addressBIA Top Mishawaka, 3 BC Concorde,
    91325 Wissous - FRANCE
     url http://www.veoliawatersti.com

     such +33 (0)1 69 75 25 75

    Veolia WATER TECHNOLOGIES hasComplete control of pharmaceuticals in the water cycle, biotech & cosmetics : Production, distribution of purified water (PW) And water for injection (WFI). Its standard equipment or custom cover needs ranging from 100 l / h to over 30 m3 / h and meet regulations.

    Recommendations in force: USP, FDA, GAMP and cGMP to ensure performance,
    reliability and security.
    Veolia WATER TECHNOLOGIES customers can also rely on its national network of services for rapid response maintenance or supply of consumables / spare parts.

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    address Avenue de la Gare 15, 1870 CH-Monthey - SWITZERLAND
    such + 41 78 946 12 42

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