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2 3 October 2017 & 
Lyon, France
Conferences - Workshops - Exhibition

Henceforth organized every 2 years, the next meetings of freeze-drying will take place the 2 and 3 October 2017 in Lyon.

These days will be devoted to the aspects "process control" and "control of heterogeneity" related to the energy transfers to the product during the 3 main stages of the process.

Indeed, in recent years, the combination of process optimization (reduction of cycle times) and the evolution of loading systems (with and without plates) require a better knowledge of the energy exchanges at the level of the product of All objects loaded at the risk of a loss of control of the homogeneity of the load.

These 2 days will allow, through experiments feedback, to make an inventory of the issues related to heat exchanges and the practices put in place during the qualification stages of lyophilizers (initial and periodic) and then Stages of technology transfer and validation.

A freeze-drying ICG communication that works on "thermal mapping" issues in freeze-drying will complement the various interventions and workshops of these days.

Lyrics 2017

A3P Days Lyophilization - Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 October 2017
Espace Tête d'Or -103 Stalingrad Boulevard - 69100 VILLEURBANNE

       Monday October 2


  • Reminder of the A3P survey on the thermal mapping in freeze-drying. Presentation of the ICG Lyophilisation
    Vincent BIGEARD - Virbac
  • Homogeneity of shelf temperature: empty versus loaded - why, when, how ... Objectives, method, acceptance criteria, analysis, interpretation of results and points of vigilance
    Dominique SIERAKOWSKI - GIC A3P Freeze-drying
  • Feedback on technology transfer of lyophilization cycles: interest of thermal mapping on the product.
    Benoît MOREAU - GSK
  15h30 Break on the exhibition
  16h30 & 17h30

Interactive workshops facilitated by:

  18h30 Aperitif cocktail on the show
  19h30 Dinner at the Terrasses du Parc 


- IMA Life:

Freeze Dryer Equipment Limit Characterization - Eliminating Trial-and-Error in Scale-up

- Lighthouse:

Using Positive Controls in Robust CCI Studies

➢ Context: why use positive controls?
➢ Types of positive controls
➢ Characterizing laser-drilled positive control defects
➢ Example case studies
➢ CCI test equipment demonstration

- Lives International:

1 Mapping shelves: use of real-time data loggers compared to thermocouples
2 Real-time probes: use for automatic loading and follow-up of a lyophilization cycle during an industrial transposition

- Optima Packaging:

«Controlled nucleation - hype or help? "
- Overview of different technologies
- Open discussion focused on

➢ How is the information on this topic and its technologies?
➢ Is there a need for more detailed information?
➢ Is somebody using CN and if so, which technology?
Is it suitable for any kind of products?
➢ Who is planning to introduce this technology with a current / new product?
➢ Impact on product registration?

      Tuesday October 3
  • Importance of the heat transfer coefficient for the control and optimization of a lyophilization cycle
    Florent KUNTZ - Aerial
  • How to optimize molded glass vials design for lyophilization. Presentation of the set of data and design improvment
  10h00 Break on the exhibition

11h00 & 12h00

Interactive Workshops

  13h00 cocktail buffet on show
  • Risk Analysis (AMDEC) heat transfer fluid circuit
    - Interests, limits and recommendations of thermal mapping for risk reduction / control

    Sylvain BATION - bioMérieux
  • Leakage test, rational and proposed mode of operation
    Brice CHAMBON - Lundbeck & Laurent EUZET - Pierre Fabre
  15h00 Break on the exhibition
  15h30 Table ronde
Returns of experience following the detection of leakage of silicone oil in a production freeze-dryer with respect to:
Dominique SIERAKOWSKI & Vincent BIGEARD & Laurent EUZET - GIC A3P Lyophilisation
  • equipment: freeze-drying impacts / corrective actions required before re-production
  • to the product: impacts quality how to conduct the investigation
  16h30 End of A3P Lyophilisation Days



Contact :
Mylène RAT
04 37 28 30 43
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