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July 5 2016  
The Vaudreuil - France
Conferences & Exhibitions

banner Particules2015 GB bdThe proliferation of publications and recent recommendations on visual inspection (USP vs European Pharmacopeia, PDA, ACE ...) highlights, if we dare this term, the particles as constant elements in injectable products, which gives us to you about it, a recognized legitimacy for almost 5 years through Common Interest Group, which is attached to this subject thoroughly.

If the visual inspection is a detection means increasingly framed by practical and detailed harmonized specifications, it is not the same for prevention that takes fluctuating aspects of components, production methods, the risk analyzes that give weight to the final visual inspection.

The Forum A3P Visible Particles remains a privileged moment qu'A3P organizes with three clear objectives:
1. Demonstrate a comprehensive approach to management of the presence of particles is required and practical reviews are underway,
2. Specify collaborative work between users and suppliers, testing laboratories and development,
3. Characterize particles to better identify their sources.

This convergence point to be held in Vaudreuil on July 5 meets your permanent interrogations, those that you share with your A3P through comparative studies, meetings remotely or indispensable experience feedback.
The program is offered constantly relies on these three pillars and you will provide technical data and processes to address better to the presence of undesirable particles visible.
Among our strengths, we we question and interrogate the Occupation on the relevance of the test Knapp and the role of NQA / AQL on particle characterization, based on the origin of components or processes. A place will be kept to a forum question / answer that will be transcribed for your own application within your sites.

The trust that we keep this cross-fertilization still brand this year our presence and expertise we would like to share you with cordiality and excellence.

  Forum A3P Visible Particles program
Flag Erl - THE VAUDREUIL - France

Top Table
08h30   Welcome of participants  
Gérard Ecotière - A3P Association President
ICG Particles Elastomers - Review and Prospects
Cyril Thouseau - Sanofi Pasteur
The particle too: reduce the risk of its presence on the markets by the automatic mirage
Jean-Michel Tasserit - Aspen Pharma
Benefits and challenges of the visual inspection of particles: Key Challenges for the qualification of operators
Sonia Kasperowiscz - GSK
10h30   Pause
11h30 Proceedings in Automated Visual Inspection of hard to inspect container type like BFS ProductsGB chip web 01
Heino Prinz - Kocher Plastik
Visual inspection - Kit Daily - Reclassification - Periodic Maintenance Control
Aurélien Genet - GSK
12h30   Lunch  
14h00 Particle Detection by means clustering of X-RayGB chip web 01
Roland Koch - Wilco
Particulate contamination and market recalls in injectable.
Patrick Turlier - GSK

Round table :
- Presentation of the conclusions of the ICG
- Test Knapp versus AQL
- The test Knapp limits and AQL test
- A good process mirage

Q / A Forum  
16h45   Forum A3P end Visible Particles  

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