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Environment: Monitoring of physical parameters in the laboratory control.

Labguard3D is a highly automated solution for monitoring thermostatic chambers of laboratory and production areas. This innovative solution consists of radio transmitters fitted with sensors capable sensors and transmit information by radio frequency to a receiver Ethernet. All monitoring is so centralized in a secure software on the company server. The result is a valuable human time saving for monitoring thermostatic chambers in comparison to surveys conducted empirically manuals. An alert manager informs Quality responsible for any malfunctions at all times by automatically sending SMS, emails or phone calls. The new generation of Labguard3D transmitters is very high capacity: 4 thermostatic chambers can be controlled simultaneously by a single issuer. The transmitter is also multi LABGUARD; it is possible to monitor different physical parameters on the same transmitter. These exclusive 2 points constitutes a technological first, cause a reduction in the cost of installation to -25% compared to traditional monitoring stations. The Labguard3D issuers also have an alarm system 3D color and a GUI. For 1ere time, Labguard3D temperature sensors feature a smart memory for recording the measurement parameters of the probes.



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