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2 WORKSHOP - Part 2

Identification workshop: MPROVING your environmental monitoring with the identification polyphasic approach and monitoring trends

Precise identification of microorganisms in industrial settings is a critical element of the environmental monitoring program (EM).

All methods whether phenotypic, genotypic or proteotypic have strengths and weaknesses. The objective of the workshop will be to describe the multiphase approach, the best compromise to have the most reliable method for identifying the most profitable and financially.

An expert will intervene to describe the MALDI-TOF mass first method chosen for this polyphasic approach. Then we will detail the sequencing used in back-up, historical premium method offering the most extensive databases.

The combination of both techniques can improve the identification rate (98%) and reduce the error rate (2%).

We then describe the Charles River approach for more efficient management of the production environment based on reliable identification combined with regular monitoring of trends.

This monitoring through the platform "Tracking & Trending" allows the detection of the emergence of indicator organisms and rapid and precise highlight any deviation from the normal operating conditions. It provides manufacturers with the information needed to respond to alerts and deviations that may occur in their facilities.

Workshop Identification: Improvement of your environmental monitoring program with a polyphasic approach and trending analysis

Accurate identification of unknown bacterial isolates is an essential first step in understanding the impact and Improving industry environmental monitoring program (EM).
All methods, phenotypic, genotypic and Strengths and Weaknesses proteotypic-have. The goal of this workshop is to describe the multiphase approach; The Most confidant, fast and cost-effective option for accurate microbial identification.
A Mass Spectrometry Expert Will detail the MALDI-TOF, the primary method Chosen for this polyphasic approach. We Will Then describe the sequencing method Supporting the proteotypic one; it is the gold standard for classification with the Widest library.
Combination of the two technical Allows to Improve the identification rate extendible up to 98% and to Decrease the error rate to 2%.
Then We Will present the Charles River to Improve comprehensive approach based environmental monitoring is accurate identification combined with regular tracking analysis.
The Tracking and Trending IT solution equip factories with the Necessary data to detect the emergence of changes in the microflora, to tour and responds to alerts in your facility.

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