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Exchange of experiences on microbiological monitoring of aseptic production lines RABS or isolator. We will share visions of the pharmaceutical industry.

The following topics will be covered:

  • The demonstration of "Isobag" insulator, introduction of new technology "All in One" environmental agar Merck ready-to save space and time
  • Monitoring of airborne microorganisms, key to monitoring a RABS or isolator production: interest of the qualification of new air sampling systems using suitable culture media, examples of mobile devices (personal sampling points) or multi remote heads in the controlled area (several samples simultaneously, pump and electronics for out of area space and time gain), programming modes of taking, secure management of the decontamination cycle of equipment, quality control agar .
  • Optimization of sampling surfaces and gloves: how to prevent the risk of false negatives and secondary contaminations difficult to critical access points, ...?
  • Questions answers

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