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METTLER TOLEDO Thornton Reveals New microbial control system in real time for pharmaceutical waters.

Discover the 7000RMS first online analyzer for continuous monitoring of microbial load.

Detection of microbial contamination in real time a real need

"For several years, the pharmaceutical industry wants a system for real-time measurement of the microbial load," says Anthony Bevilacqua, Director of R & D department at METTLER TOLEDO Thornton.
"This technology will be invaluable and will help pharmaceutical companies to validate their real-time water distribution systems, reduce costs related to sampling and offline to eliminate false positives," says Jim Cannon , head of the pharmaceutical market in Thornton.

The 7000RMS allows continuous analysis of microbial contamination and inert particles both in the water distribution system at a point of use.

This compact unit not only provides real-time assessment of bioburden levels in the water, but it also reduces the cost of labor (limited sampling and tests) and energy consumption through a better management of sanitation cycles while leading to a better understanding of the process and increased product safety.

Revolution in microbial detection

Unlike other modern techniques to measure microorganisms in water, the laser-induced fluorescence technology (LIF) integrated in 7000RMS requires no coloring or reagent, which is therefore a real time saver.

The integration of LIF technology in the analyzer associated with the Mie theory and sophisticated algorithms to measure and determine whether they are microorganisms or inert particles.

The analyzer is ideal for use online or "at-line" and for laboratory sampling measurements.

With a touch user interface with multiple data transfer options, it is equipped with SCADA connectivity with ModBus TCP, several analog outputs and can work with Wi-Fi.

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