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The offer renewed Thermo Fisher Scientific

The purpose of this workshop is to present the complete range of Thermo Fisher Scientific group for microbiology pharmaceutical and related industry which now includes the Life Technologies solutions. We want to review our historical ranges and news.

1) media for Media Fill Test: the use of dehydrated media to use formulations of ready-packaged PCB innovative containers.

2) The Cultiloops and Quanticult strains for control of fertile environments and control of identification automata

3) The new triple bagged TWIP boxes Thermo Scientific for environmental control isolator or clean room.

4) The offer dedicated to the cosmetic industry

5) The Sensititre range for the determination of minimum inhibitory concentrations.

6) MicroSeq identification system for environmental control by DNA sequencing 16S for bacteria and fungi to D2 gene.

7) Contaminants cell culture: Detection of mycoplasma, virus and murine Vesivirus by real-time PCR.

A Renewed offer from Thermo Fisher Scientific

The goal of this workshop is to present the broad offer for the pharma microbiology Proposed by Thermo Fisher Scientific group. Solutions from Life Technologies are now integrated. We will review our hand products ranges and the latest releases In Particular.

1) Broths for Media Fill Tests: from dehydrated formats to the use of innovative solutions of ready Prepared broths in Bio Process Containers.

2) Collection strains Cultiloops Quanticult and for the control of culture media and vending of identification.

3) New triple wrapped flat TWIP Thermo Scientific for environment control in isolator and clean room.

4) Range of products dedicated to the cosmetic industry.

5) Sensititre automat for the determination of minimum inhibitory concentrations.

6) MicroSEQ® Identification system for routine environmental monitoring: microbial detection based on the 16S rRNA gene for a specific bacteria or genomic area of ​​the wide subunit for fungi

7) Contaminants of pharmaceutical products. Detection of Mycoplasma, Vesivirus and Mouse Minute Virus. Replaced your cultivation method by real time PCR!

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