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3C France is an OEM specialised in equipment and installations for pharmacy and cosmetics.

3C France is a European leader in production, processing or transfer equipment for pharmacy, biotechnology and cosmetics.
Member of the French Pharmavalley, 3C FRANCE has an industrial tool developed for the design (3 design offices), the work of stainless steel (welding, polishing), automation, and a highly certified and qualified staff. The organization by project, the quality system to combine traceability and control (procedures, tests ND rugosimetry, thermo-mapping, endoscopy, ferritoscopy ...), the powerful documentary system (CD, video ...), the voluntarist policy of R & D, guarantee the adequacy to pharmaceutical requirements.

3C France has been designing and producing highly competitive process vessels for more than 30 years on a high-performance and dedicated production line, thanks to adapted control means and pharmaceutical grade material traceability:

  • Formulation vessels
  • Treatment vessels
  • Mixing vessels
  • Production vessels
  • Storage vessels
  • Buffer vessels...

Recognized specialist of Biotech in Europe by the leaders of the sector (in particular vaccines) as by the emerging actors of the "Green Biotech", 3C France has set up a specific organization to provide turnkey installations, adapted to the needs , at the forefront of current technologies.

3C France offers a specific range of pilot or industrial bioreactors from 100 to 10 000 L. The flexibility of its organization allows it to create "customized" units and / or the revamping of existing installations, either in the workshop or on site.installations, either in the workshop or on site.

• Fermentation Skids and associated devices,
• Biotech peripheral lots (media preparation, inactivation, harvest ...),
• Industrial fermentation pilot (inoculum) and associated substrate vessels,
• Centralized NEP.

3C France as "Process OEM", manufactures complete and efficient production units, from design to qualification, in compliance with technical requirements and associated regulatory constraints (cGMP, CFR21 PART 11, ATEX ...).
3C France customers benefit from a range of complementary skills: process engineering, mechanical design, in-house manufacturing, stirring systems, automation and supervision systems, reception in white workshop, commissioning and qualification support.

• Production of sterile products
• Solid forms production
• Liquid forms production

Resulting from 3C France R&D, the Cop'Matic range represents a complete solution in response to the cleaning constraints of our customers in pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries: process vessels, powder containers, liquids and creams, basins, barrels, shelves, hoses …

The 3C France exclusive offer is standard and meets both the requirements of environmental optimization (water saving by using high pressure, energy, additives…) and the requirements of traceability, reproducibility or quality of these same industries.

• CLEAN'TAINER (washing cabin), KITNET (HP washing units of vessels), CLEAN'VAT (HP washing units of barrels) and CLEAN'FLEX (washing of process hoses).
• In addition to this range, 3C FRANCE manufactures NEP skids and custom installations.