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For 60 years Aquafine has been successfully serving the diverse Life Sciences industry.

Aquafine ultraviolet (UV) units are reliable, deliver consistent performance and have become the brand of choice of WFI (Water-For-Injection) & USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) systems.

Our products and services are found in both the pre-treatment and process areas of the water system.

While commonly found in disinfection and ozone destruction applications, our low-pressure (LP), low-pressure high-output (LPHO) and amalgam systems can be found in TOC (total organic carbon) reduction and chlorine/chloramine destruction applications as well.

optima hxseries

ChloRid®, for chlorine/chloramines destruction equipment, utilizes medium-pressure (MP) technology with a reduced footprint and provides dose and is cost efficient. The use of UV technology for water treatment has several inherent advantages. Nothing is added by UV light to the water stream such as color, odor, flavor, chemicals or harmful byproducts.

UV technology is a fast, efficient, cost effective and environmentally responsible solution.

Aquafine offers validated systems, providing UV lamp and NIST traceable UV sensor validation with certificates, as well as Bioassay amalgam technology.

All systems comply with cGMP and FDA requirements and sanitary connections conform to DIN and USDA XNUMXA standards. Select models carry the marks of cULus, CE and ANSI/NSF and can be mounted horizontally or vertically, or in skid mounted systems, maximizing installation flexibility and preserving floor space.


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