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Our Process Solutions division specializes in the areas of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics. We have many references worldwide in projects with experts who can answer all your expectations.

Discover Boccard: a major player with strong values

We have been a major player in the design and construction of equipment and process lines worldwide since 1918.

With 3500 employees, Boccard develops its expertise internationally through its 34 locations around the world.


Teams of experts

We are highly experienced in the field of cosmetic, pharmacy and biotechnologies. We are a certified company (ISO 9001, MASE) with many successful references. Working with our teams of skilled, multidisciplinary project leaders, engineers and technicians will let you benefit from an unrivalled level of knowledge and expertise.

Design and construction go hand in hand

Independent modular skids to complete production units Boccard offers unique solutions in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields, to facilitate the production of all liquids and semi-liquids, gels and creams. In the upstream & downstream processes, Boccard presents innovative solutions fermentation, culture medium, separation and purification to isolate high-value proteins (vaccines, insulin, MAB and blood plasma derivatives). We are also recognized for our expertise in blood plasma fractionation with our full units of blood fractionation production.




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