Cancer: AstraZeneca sells the rights of Zoladex in North America

The British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca announced Friday the sale of marketing rights in the United States and Canada, Zoladex, a treatment against cancers of the prostate and breast, to 250 million.

The group explained that the sales rights of this treatment, also used for benign gynecological disorders, would be sold to the US pharmaceutical company TerSera Therapeutics.

The British group said that its incentive to future sales of Zoladex could bring him up to 70 million additional dollars. It will also affect the equivalent of about fifteen percent of the revenue from future sales of treatment in these two countries.

In a separate statement, AstraZeneca announced that the US Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of Tagrisso, a drug used against non-small cell lung cancer.

The oncology activity is one of AstraZeneca's strategic priorities, which has been strengthened in this area in recent years by continuing its work in R & D, by forming partnerships with other companies and by making some targeted acquisitions.