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Seneffe Industrial Zone - Zone C, Charles Richet Street BE-7180 Seneffe - Belgium

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CEFOCHIM is the'unique Training Center for the production and maintenance of chemical, (bio) pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries in Belgium.

CEFOCHIM's mission is to assist the production, maintenance and control staff in the acquisition of new skills on small scale industrial equipment or not but all designed to facilitate the didactic and educational aspect.

The areas of expertise of Cefochim (www.cefochim.be) Include:

• Production & Utilities (USP / DSP, Water loop, HVAC, Autoclave, Freeze-drying, ...)
• Good background practices and working ZAC (4 grades) & under RABS
• Environmental Monitoring in ZAC
• Quality & Regulation (GxP, Validation, Audit ...)
• Analytical techniques in QC (GC, GC-MS, HPLC, ICP ...)
• Maintenance - Instrumentation & Regulation
• Clinical studies (CRA training, data management, scientific & medical writing ...)

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The courses, very practical (65 to 70%) are given by experienced trainers from the industrial sector.
The expertise of trainers combined with Cefochim infrastructure provides opportunities for workers to be trained in the real world, particularly in ZAC - unique in Belgium!


The target audiences of Cefochim are in addition to the sector, job seekers, teachers and students.

CEFOCHIM also has other missions:

fundamentals Eve trades
fundamentals Training Tips
fundamentals Long training for jobseekers


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