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9 Allée Moulin Berger, 69130 Ecully - FRANCE

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The Charles River Endotoxin and Microbial Detection division offers a full range of solutions for your QC tests. A complete line of fast systems, Endosafe®-PTS ™ (portable), Endosafe®-MCS ™ (multiple) and our new Endosafe®-Nexus ™ system (robot for multi-cartridge system) for reliable and accurate endotoxin test results with LAL cartridges under FDA license, all in less than 15 minutes.

PTS ™ technology is also available for Gram discrimination and glucan detection. This activity is reinforced by Accugenix® services, with a microbiology laboratory service provider recognized by the FDA and meeting cGMP standards. This laboratory is specialized in bacterial and fungal identification as well as in the typing of strains from environmental isolates and uses the most advanced methods currently available in this field.


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Thanks to our recent partnership, Charles River Endotoxin and Microbial Detection offers the Axcess ™ system that combines the precision and robustness of Bruker's MALDI Biotyper technology coupled with the cGMP-compliant Accugenix® database and software. This maximizes performance for environmental control applications. Supported by a network developed and technical assistance available and accessible, the Endotoxin and Microbial Detection division offers you a double expertise to secure your manufacturing process and the quick release of your products.

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Our European platform has been relocated to a dedicated space with more space in Ecully in France. This new location allows us to meet the growing demand for LAL services and to fully integrate our microbial identification activity.