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Eurofins Product Testing Biopharma is a member of the Eurofins Group, leader in the field of analysis for the pharmacy, the environment and the food with almost 200 laboratories worldwide.

Eurofins Pharma Services offers a range of analytical services development upstream (Early Development), the centralized biology (Central laborotary) with the completion of clinical trials (Optimed) quality control to the associated analytical development project (Biopharma Product Testing) as well as supporting activities such as genomics, clinical logistics or regulatory affairs.

Eurofins Product Testing Biopharma, under pharmaceutical accreditation, offers analytical services in GMP environment, With a network of 14 laboratories in Europe and the United States. Three of these sites are located in France:

  • Laboratory Ulis, near Paris, specializing in physico-chemical and biochemical analyzes and ICH storage
  • Laboratory St. Croix-en-Plaine, Alsace, specializing in microbiology
  • Eurofins IDmyk in Lyon, specialized in molecular biology

Eurofins Product Testing Biopharma may well accompany you on:

  • Development, validation or transfer methods
  • Testing physicochemical and biochemical according to official repositories including the European Pharmacopoeia, American or Japanese:
    • chemical and biochemical analyzes:
      • Characterization, residual impurities
      • HPLC, GC, MS, AAS, ICP spectrometry, ELISA, SDS PAGE, CE, iCE, qPCR
    • Microbiology: fertility, infertility, molecular identification, detection of mycoplasma and endotoxin
    • Biosafety and biological activity test: bioassay, residual DNA, HCP, safety and viral clearance
    • Preparation and storage of cell banks
  • Clinical Logistics and stability study:
    • Import and release of clinical batches
    • Storing samples -180 ° C to 70 ° C with cyclic and photostability terms
    • Secondary packaging way, labeling and randomization clinic
    • Public transport

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