Eurofins between the clinical diagnostic market in Germany

Eurofins, a French group of analytical services for various sectors, announced Thursday the acquisition of Hygel, a German group of clinical diagnostic laboratories that had a turnover of more than 35 million euros last year .

The acquisition "provides Eurofins with a gateway to the market for clinical diagnostics in Germany", in which it was not present until then, according to a statement.

Headquartered in Gelsenkirchen, northwestern Germany, Hygel is a leading regional clinical diagnostic group. Founded in 1902, it has 370 employees spread over three main sites and ancillary laboratories.

Eurofins has activities in 39 countries, both in the clinical diagnosis, but also tests for the pharmaceutical industry, in the environment or food. Numerous targeted acquisitions in all business segments are one of the pillars of its accelerated growth.

On the Paris Bourse, in the wake of this acquisition, the Eurofins stock was up 1,05% 463,05 euros to 10H40 (8H40 GMT), while the leading index CAC 40 took 0,65%.