faure QEI

27, bvd of the Alps, 38240 MEYLAN - France

+33 (0)4 76 92 81 00

For over twenty years, FAURE QEI has been designing, building and qualifying clean rooms and / or controlled environments (clean rooms, L2 / L3 laboratory, pet stores, operating theater, sterile rooms, containment enclosures, armored enclosures, ZAC, ...).

Our core businesses are pharmacy, microelectronics and nanotechnology, biotechnology, health, space and nuclear. Established mainly in Grenoble, Lyon and Aix en Provence, we work on projects throughout France, Switzerland, and some Maghreb countries. Our areas of expertise are the control of contaminations (particulate, microbiological and chemical), complex HVAC, production and distribution of fluids and gases (process and special), electricity (CFI / CFO / ICC) and equipment. laboratory (PSM, ventilated hoods, glove boxes, ...).

We make the 2 / 3 of our activity in engineering (AMO, MOE, Key in hand, ...), and the remaining third is carried by our laboratory activity:

  • qualifications QC / IQ / OQ of environments,
  • measurement and analysis of contamination,
  • standard and fast microbiological analyzes,
  • audits and expertise clean-concept,
  • incident response,

These crossed experiences allow us to always be at the forefront of the qualitative requirements of ultra-cleanliness (we participate for example in the Afnor normative committee for the ISO 14644, we conduct clean-concept audits for many industrialists, we are trainers -Aspec, EFS, ... -, we use every day for us and our customers 3D simulation of airflow, ...), while knowing how to adapt to the needs of each project / client and propose the necessary necessary in term of technological solutions and operating costs.

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