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Bioparc Vichy Hauterive - Saint-Yorre Avenue, 03270 Hauterive - FRANCE

+33 (0)4 70 59 51 40

With over 15 years of experience in the design, manufacture and maintenance of custom insulators and customized solutions isotechnie, placing flexibility and technological innovation at the heart of its corporate policy, JCE BIOTECHNOLOGY offers a wide range insulators, generators for surface sterilization and secure transfer systems.

These solutions address the specific applications of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, food processing and biotechnology, in particular: sterility testing, weighing fine chemicals, mixing, filling, packaging and distribution, secure transfer sterile substances and products, waste and fluids, bio-decontamination based on hydrogen peroxide at low temperature and without residues, etc.

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Name of officer: Eric GOHIER
Sales contact: Kadija HADDOU