Johnson and Johnson has successfully bid for Actelion

The US pharmaceutical giant Johnson and Johnson has successfully bid for the Swiss company Actelion, according to a statement released Friday by Actelion.

Johnson and Johnson bought 73,25% of Actelion's share capital as part of its takeover bid, which matured on Thursday.

In total, 78,6 million shares were exchanged at the proposed price of 280 dollars per share, bringing the total volume of shares held by the US group to 83,2 million, ie 77,20% of the capital and voting rights, according to provisional results. published Friday by Actelion from its headquarters in Allschwil, near Basel.

The OPA is considered successful by both partners.

Shareholders still holding Actelion shares will have an additional ten trading days to bring to Johnson and Johnson from 6 to 21 in April.

The US giant has also announced that it has received the green light from the Japanese and Israeli competition authorities and expects to have all the necessary regulatory approvals "in the course of the second quarter 2017".

At the beginning of the year 2017, the giant of the pharmacy Johnson and Johnson announced that it would spend 30 billions of dollars, offering 280 dollars per title to the shareholders of the Swiss group, to seize Actelion.

The transaction, approved by the board of directors of both companies, will be accompanied by a splitting of research activities in a new entity that will be floated on the stock market.

The coveted Actelion laboratory was regularly the subject of buyout rumors. The group, founded in 1996 by French cardiologist Jean-Paul Clozel, has built a solid reputation around rare diseases.