The best understanding of the human microbiome and its potential impact on microbiological control in the pharmaceutical industry.


Lyon's GastroPub
7 rue Neuve - 69001 Lyon


November 26 2019

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Conference, Afterwork, Cocktail party


The 3eme edition of A3P Tuesdays will take place on November 26 2019 at Lyon's GastroPub at 19h.

Thierry Bonnevay Company SANOFI et Arnaud Carlotti Company Eurofins will tackle the theme of microbiology with the conference:  « The best understanding of the human microbiome and its potential impact on microbiological control in the pharmaceutical industry  ».

Indeed, our body is home to a complex community of billions of microorganisms, especially bacteria, but also yeasts, fungi, which together are ten times more numerous than our cells. The microbiome is defined as all the microorganisms living on the surface and in the body. It was not until the impressive progress of DNA sequencing techniques from the 90 years, but especially the explosion of high-throughput seeding techniques from 2010 to better know this microbiome. Which brings us to ask ourselves, what could be the impact of this better knowledge on the microbiological controls carried out in the pharmaceutical industry?

Register quickly and visit 19h at Lyon's Gastropub: 7 rue Neuve 69001 Lyon!

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Tuesday, November 26th

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Conference hosted by:
Thierry Bonnevay - SANOFI & Arnaud Carlotti - EUROFINS
The best understanding of the human microbiome and its potential impact on microbiological control in the pharmaceutical industry
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Thierry Bonnevay has more than 20 years of experience in the field of microbiological quality control, acquired within Sanofi Pasteur, and has held various positions in both industrial and R & D.

He is part of the USP Group of Experts on Modern Microbiological Methods (MMM) since 2015 and is a member of the Expert Group of the European Pharmacopoeia EDQM within the 1 Microbiology Group (since 2016), of the Working Group Bacterial Endotoxins (WP BET) from 2017 and the Mycoplasma Working Group (WP MYC) from 2018.

For more than 30 years, Arnaud CARLOTTI is passionate about the industrial microbiology and the problems of production in sterile condition, investigation of nonconformities, root cause analyzes, proposal and implementation of CAPAs.

As a recognized expert, he has published to date more than 30 scientific articles and book chapters (eg 2018 PDA / DHI publishing "5 Contamination Control Volume 14").

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