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Design Expertise, Operational Excellence and Quality Pre-eminence are our foundations Meissner manufactures leading-edge membrane filters and One-Touch® Single Use Systems (SUS) for pharma and biopharma applications.

Focused on fluid management technology and innovation, Meissner leverages R & D efforts to offer customers products that deliver advanced processing and fluid handling solutions. ourOne-Touch® portfolio SUS was trained by engineers in liquid handling applications, from media and buffers to fill and finish, and unit processing operations from development to production.


Meissner's manufacturing are performed in ISO Class 7 cleanrooms. Meissner's sophisticated material tracking and state-of-the-art automated manufacturing processes ensure consistency, complete traceability, and the highest product quality to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Technical services

Meissner Technical Services (MTS) provides complete laboratory testing, application expertise, and validation services to support our filtration products and One-Touch SUS. Our experienced staff of engineers, microbiologists and scientists is dedicated to providing our customers with a solution to maximize their efficiency, economics and safety.

Major Products

Meissner manufactures filters with ratings from 0.04 μm to 99 μm to serve the complete range of microfiltration's applications with a full scale-up accommodation.

  • For critical applications, Meissner offers PVDF, PES hydrophilic sterilized filters.
  • For gas filtration and aggressive solvents, Meissner offers PP, PVDF and PTFE absolute ratings.
  • For Clarification, Prefiltration applications, we offer PP Microfiber, glass microfiber and depth filters.
  • Flexible in design, the UltraSnap® filter assembly configures UltraCap® HD high capacity capsule filters ranging from 10 to 50 in a single-use filtration system. UltraSnap® filter assembly designs can be optimized for accommodating the requirements for flow rate, throughput and retention ratings. Securing Multiple Pre-Assembled Pre-Assembled Single-Use Solutions, the UltraSnap® ready-to-use package. For added convenience, the entire filter assembly can be pre-sterilized.
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Meissner Filtration Products UltraSnap® Filter Assembly


Single Use Systems

  • Tepoflex® is the first slip agent-free PE film which reduces its extractable / leachable profile, and also reduces the potential for product interference. We used the same film to 50 ml bags to several thousand.
  • FluoroFlex®, is a new and unique multilayer PVDF film to expand the application of SUS beyond the limits of existing PE films, into such areas as API.
  • The Meissner BioFlex® tubing assemblies, offers fully customized fluid transfer flexibility. SGT, Single Use Gauge Tee provide a mounting platform for a reusable transducer or transducer, without compromising sterility of the system.
  • BioLink ™ TModular Overmolding combines the best features of traditional mechanical connections. It also offers enhanced process robustness over the process of overmolding, while facilitating additional secure connectivity to processing steps, such as filters.


pockets Flexfill Single-use gauge tee
FluoroFlex® Biocontainers FlexFill® Biocontainer Transfer Assembly SGT (single-use gauge tee)
tepoflex 200l cart operator modular overmolding technology quadrum
TepoFlex® Biocontainers BioLink ™ Modular Overmolding Technology QuaDrum® Containers