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Particle Measuring Systems Inc. (PMS), a subsidiary of Spectris Plc is the world leader in contamination control.

Particle Measuring Systems is now the leading provider of solutions for the continuous monitoring of many forms of contamination impacting businesses working in ultra-clean environments. PMS markets and provides maintenance and calibration of particle counters and bio-collectors.



Lasair III®
Aerosol Particle Counter Models

The Lasair III Particle Counter sets the standard for portable aerosol particle counters, and fully meets the requirements of ISO 14644-1 (including the new 2015 revision) and ISO 21501-4.
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minicapt MiniCapt®
Microbial Air Sampler MobileThe MiniCapt Mobile Microbial Air Sampler enables the user to perform microbial air sampling in cleanroom environments.
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apss 2000 APSS-2000
Automated Parenteral Sampling SystemThe APSS-2000 USP, EP, and JP requirements. Recipe functions allow the APSS-2000 to adapt to future regulatory changes.
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BioCapt single use BioCapt® Single-Use
Microbial ImpactorThe BioCapt® Single-Use Microbial Impactor reduces the risk of contamination to eliminate costly false positive and prevent batch loss. Precision-cut slits ensure laminar flow and maximum collection of viable particles to help you achieve optimal sterility goals.
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surcapt SurCapt ™
Microbial Surface Detection KitThe SurCapt ™ Microbial Surface Detection Kit is an all-inclusive, ready-to-use kit that simplifies and simplifies the process of environmental surface testing for biological contamination.
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facilitypro FacilityPro® Processors
Data Processing and System Control The FacilityPro® Processor provides the central hub for an environmental monitoring system. The Processor communicates with cleanroom sensors, including particle and microbial monitors, while data buffering and checking tolerances for alarm activation.
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