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19 Street Ticks, 63118 CEBAZAT - France

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PHARM'ADIS, pharmaceutical and adapted enterprise.

Created in 1991, the company now has over a hundred employees. Its domestic customers entrust packaging, sorting and recovery.

Features of the Company: Chartered Pharmaceutical laboratory ISO 9001 from 1998, 4 ANSES ANSM and pharmacists.
- Primary and secondary conditioning
- Sorting, mirage, recovery jobs
- Preparation of kits
- Preparation and sending of free medical samples
- Atypical productions

Custodian Status: preparation and sending of free medical samples
PHARM'ADIS is a EURL of the association ADIS whose first goal is the employment of recognized persons "Disabled Worker". The operations entrusted to us are deducted from your obligation to employ persons with disabilities (law of 11 February 2005).


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