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World leader in manufacturers and suppliers of Blow-Fill-Seal machines for the sterile packaging of pharmaceutical liquids and creams for cosmetics.

The bottelpack® aseptic machines ensure the manufacture of flexible containers, the filling and saddling in a single operation; guaranteeing optimum protection of the sterile product.

In order to meet the various needs of its customers rommelag® has developed a complete program of machines for bottles and ampoules with a range of installations to a mold, two molds and 15 rotary molds.
The production rate depends on the shape and weight of the container, the characteristics of the filling material and the plastic material.

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Design bottelpack® Blow-Fill-Seal Machine and its components benefit from continuous improvement, providing a user-friendly equipment for staff, low wear, stable and reliable performance, while respecting the regulations in force pharmaceutical Authorities health.

As an inventor of Blow-Fill-Seal we have introduced technical milestones for this technology such as:

  • Separation between the filling area and the technical area (Dark Side-White) and aseptic design bottelpack® (CIP / SIP °)
  • Class A (Class 100 US) to fill point
  • up to 30 000 units / hour
  • achievable volume of 0,1 ml 1 000 ml
  • Dosing precision time-pressure
  • Rovis electronic documentation system
  • FDA CFR compliance 21 11 share
  • developing internal containers, prototypes and outsourcing


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