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SPECTRUMLABS.com is a world leader in membrane separation technologies for the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biotechnology industries. KrosFlo® brand process SPECTRUMLABS filtration products include single-use hollow fiber filters used in microfiltration, ultrafiltration and tangential infusion flow applications.

Different sizes are available for R & D volumes up to full production scale. We are pioneers in the development of hollow fibers in mPES (modified polyethersulfone). MPES is a hydrophilic membrane that provides higher flow rates to reduce processing times, with excellent selectivity for separation applications, and low binding to achieve higher product yields than other membrane protein chemicals.

SPECTRUMLABS filtration line also includes a complete range of systems (R & D to Production) for tangential filtration applications small and large scales and tangential infusions from bioreactors 2L to 2000 L.

Worldwide Sites
Our headquarters is in Los Angeles, California, with additional US facilities located in Dallas, TX, Houston, TX and Las Vegas.

Our international offices are in Breda, the Netherlands; Paris, France; Leicestershire, England; Wurzburg, Germany; Copenhagen, Denmark; Shanghai, China and Ritto City, Japan.

KML 100 system
KML ™ 100- Bench Scale Bioreactor Perfusion and
Tangential Flow Filtration System
KMPI full automated setup
KMPi Pilot Scale Tangential Flow Filtration System
MEPs filter family
KrosFlo® Hollow Fiber Filters
filter assemblies infusion
KrosFlo® Perfusion Flow-Path Assemblies



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Marketing & Sales Director: Stéphane ITART-LONGUEVILLE
Tel. : + 33 (0) 6 80 99 41 58
E-mail : stephane@spectrumlabs.eu