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A subsidiary of the SPIE Group, SPIE Services Life Sciences offers expertise services dedicated to the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

SPIE SLS effect accompanies its clients in different stages of their projects: Increase in production capacity,

process optimization or making regulatory level.

In recent years 20 SPIE SLS has developed real expertise on activities:

  • Commissioning / Qualification, Validation,
  • Start assist operational units,
  • Technical stops,
  • Continuous Improvement and Performance (technical or organizational)
  • Quality assurance,
  • Selection skills assessment,
  • Regulatory Affairs,
  • Technical assistance,

Its activities are deployed in accordance with international regulatory requirements and the entire perimeter of a production site:

- Process (Production, Sterilization, Cleaning)
- Systems (Equipment, utilities, IS and automation, premises)
- Support functions (project management, coordination, strategy and methodology, audit and risk analysis, document management, Quality Assurance)
- Production (manufacturing, sampling and control)