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For water for pharmaceutical use SWAN offers its COT meter (total organic carbon measurement) with a reliable, simple and inexpensive measuring system: a differential conductivity measurement after a mineralization of the carbon produced by the UV energy. This device is certified and meets the requirements of IQ, PQ, OQ. (Qualification Installation, Qualification Procedure, Qualification Operation).

It also meets the standards EP, USP (643, 645), JP.

The SST (validation of the measurement test) can be done now without adding equipment, because everything is built on a deck, including the sampling pump. This robust peristaltic pump system is located downstream of the UV, preventing you from any problem of possible contamination. It is also possible to measure samples independently (function Grabe Sample).

The UV reactor is plug and play, maintenance is easy and accessible to users ..
This complete monitor will ensure you, at a lower cost, the quality of your purified water and EPPI.