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The microbiology division of Thermo Fisher Scientific develops and manufactures culture media and microbiological diagnostic tests for quality control in the pharmaceutical industry.

In particular, we propose innovative solutions for the environmental control of insulators and clean rooms, the realization of the Media Fill Test, the control of culture media using calibrated reference strains.

Product lines dedicated to the control of production of sterile products

1) Thermo Scientific ™ TWIP sedimentation boxes and contact boxes for environmental control

Experience a major innovation in the control of controlled environment areas (isolator and cleanroom), with Thermo Scientific ™ TWIP triple bagged and radio-sterilized boxes. Each component is developed from your usage constraints and studied to improve the safety during your controls: control of the humidity of the boxes, control of the risk of exposure to peroxide, simplification of use.

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Thermo Scientific ™ TWIP boxes are available in 90 mm format for sedimentation (or biocollector) and in 55 mm contact form for surface control. They incorporate the following innovative features:

- Unmatched control of condensates and exudates
- Colorful indicator of exposure to VHP (unique solution on the market)
- Storage at room temperature
- Improved storage time (up to 10 months for TSA)
- Available with or without disinfectant neutralizers
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2) Full range of culture media for Media Fill Tests (MFT):

The Thermo Scientific ™ range is the most complete on the market for achieving Media Fill Test.

It includes dehydrated media:

- TSB (Trypticase Soy Broth)
- irradiated TSB (Trypticase Soy Broth)
- TSB (Trypticase Soy Broth) cold-filterable
- Thioglycolate
- Peptones of plant origin (ADCF, without component of animal origin) allowing the reduction of the BSE risk in production.

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And solutions Ready to use packaged in Bio Process Containers (BPC).

This innovative range makes it easy to implement your Media Fill Test in complete safety. TSB or plant peptone broth (ADCF, no component of animal origin) is already formulated and supplied in bioprocessed containers (PCBs). No preparation and sterilization is necessary. Simply connect to your process with our wide range of conectics, and PCBs take care of the rest ...

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3) Strains for quality control and Quanti-Cult Culti-loops:

Thermo Scientific ™ Quanti-cult and Culti-loops are reference strains of microorganisms to loans lemployment, dedicated to quality control of culture media. They are used for fertility checks and sterility checks. These lyophilized strains come from the ATCC (ATCC operating under license).

thermo fisher scientific 3Culti-loops is in the form of an oese allowing easy distribution of the lyophilisate on a Petri dish for example. We now offer cropped loops for control of Vitek ™ and API ™ systems.

Quanti-cult allows him to prepare in minutes and safely calibrated microorganisms suspension for delivering less than 100 CFU per box for the control of fertility.

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4) Other

- Products relating to sterility control in the form of sealed or uncapped vials (thioglycolate, TSB, rinsing solution).
- Control of non-sterile products: wide range of ready-to-use products.
- Riboprinter Qualicon ™: automated system for the identification and characterization of germs using the ribotyping technique.
- Biochemical identification galleries of microorganisms and its interpretation software.

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